Maggie Home Theater Speaker Set-up advise

I'm using pairs of Maggie 1c's and 2c's for my four surround channels in a 7.3 setup. I currently have them set up as follows: the side surround pair are to the right and left of the main listening area, pointed to the rear, parallel to the front and back walls, so that when looking at them one only sees the one inch side pannel. The rear surrounds are parallel to the side walls, directed toward each other, located directly behind the main listening area.

Obvious options to this setup include pointing all or some speakers at the listener, and having the rear surrounds point toward the side walls they are closest to.

The listening room is roughly 19 feet wide and 18 feet long with a 8 ft ceiling. I'm using Outlaw's brand new processor and 7 channel amp.

With this setup, all speakers have at least 4 ft in front and in back clear. The side surrounds are less than four feet from the walls, but since their front and rear are unencumbered, this seems to be an acceptable compromise. My wife gets along quite well with Maggie--she says as long as I'm a good father and don't chase women or do drugs, she can handle having Maggie in her living room.

Finally--I know Magnepan makes a dedicated center speaker, but I'm also thinking of suspending a Maggie horizontally above the T.V. four feet from the back wall. Other than engineering particulars, I'm wondering if this adversely affects Maggie, and if so, how.

All comments and advise welcome!

This sounds like a great setup! I would go with the center channel because it is curved and will have a greater point source radiation into the room. The flat sideways concept would create just the exact oposite situation in that the center image would become fuzzy because of the same sound comming from the far left and far right side of the speaker. It would also not spread into the room as well as the center channel would. On the side speakers, I would very slightly tilt them so the backwards sound wave runs into the wall. I am only talking a 5-10 degree tilt here just so the signal gets sent into the room instead of traveling the entire length of the side wall and never getting into the room- these speakers do beem forever. And if possable try placing the back speakers at exact 45 degree angles in the corners so that both sides of the soundwave hit the back wall and side wall at the same time. From the center of the room you would only see the one inch depth of the speaker as the sides would be angled directly at you. You wont believe how efective this is if your room permits. Well done on the choice of speakers!
Thanks for your opinions. I'll try your rear speaker setup. The side surrounds are already as you prescribe--I didn't want to go to that much detail in describing my setup. As it is, this thread is the least reponded to of all I have posted. Also thanks for the explanation of front channel smearing. I can see how the curved center channel would be more focused. However, I don't see why this should cause more smearing than is already appearently inherent in flat planar design. (Dang, I hated using the modifier "flat" to descibe a planar...)
By the by, my old setup used 60's era Fisher tube amps each biamping each Maggie 32 RMS on top and on bottom. Eventually, I'll switch to biamping again with the tubes on top.
I think I'm gonna try hanging a 1c sideways over the TV. I figure 2 hours and 10 bucks oughta do it, being right in my price range.