Lyra Argo i tracking force

I would like to know from users of this cartridge,
What is the best tracking force they have experienced?
I got better results by setting VTF a bit higher than the recommended 1.7-1.8. I used 2.0g on my VPI Scoutmaster with 9 arm. and used 1.85 on my modded AR ES-1 with Linn Ittok LV II arm.

I experimented with VTA and found a slightly lower rear arm position worked best and combined with the slightly higher VTF allowed the Argo to work best, especially help the bass which is good, but not very strong with the Argo i.

Best to use your own ears as I did to find the best setting for you. I would not however, recommend lower than 1.75g for this cart.

Best to you.

I use 1.75g and this seems to work well in my system. Excellent tracker.
Thank you both Stevecham and Kehut, I started at 1.72g and listened, slowly increasing VTF until the music simply flowed,then it measured at 1.84g.
This is why I asked the question,not wanting to do damage to the cartridge by tracking overweight.
All the best.TAWA
There is a reason the manufacturer gives a recommended tracking force range. For one thing, within that range the coils are properly centered and sound quality suffers outside that range. Also, the suspension parts and cantilever are not being overly stressed within that range and stylus wear is minimized by not exceeding that range.

The US distributor of a line of MC cartridges stated that the manufacturer can tell by microscopic examination when a user has exceeded the recommended force by .2 grams or more and that will void the warranty.

Lyras specify a quite narrow range. I would try to stick to that range; the manufacturer knows its product.
For what it's worth now that this cartridge is no longer available and it's been two years since the last post. I recently increased the VTF to 1.77 grams and this seems to have opened up the soundstage quite a bit more. But then maybe it's my brain that is responding...