Audiomecca Mephito 2 tracking problems at end of c

Has anyone experienced this? My Mephisto doesn't track well toward the end of most cd's. The problem seams to be getting worse. I have heard that this is common yet I have not seen any posts on this regard? Why? Yes it is level and the suspensions are even and the tracking is on "0" but has no effect on the tracking...Any ideas? Sounds and works great on the first 80% of all cd's! Some it will play through most it will not. It will skip and then just lock up. HELP! :(
I have not experienced this problem with the original CD's but have the same problem with all my copied CD's. I had posted this before and one of the Audiogon member mentioned about a "simple adjustment" but did not provide more detail. Hopefully, you have better luck in obtaining more information this time. I was not aware that this is a common problem with the Mephisto. May be we should address this to Pierre Lurne himself and see what he can offer to help.
contact Anthony at Aberdeen Components...