Luxman or Leben with Devore?

Does anybody have experience with Luxman amps with Devore speakers? Seems like the classic pairing is with Leben or Shindo amps, but I don't know of any Devore dealers that also carry Luxman. Specifically, how would an luxman sq-n100 compare to a leben cs300sx?
I can address your general question. In my reference system I have a Shindo Masseto preamp, a Luxman MQ-88 amp (my favorite amp of all I have ever owned), and the DeVore Fidelity Reference Silverbacks. The result is incredibly musical. I have not A/B'd Luxman versus Shindo or Leben amps in my system.
What year or years was the MQ-88? I have the Luxman L-507u integrated on the way. I was curious to as to how the older models sounded in relation to the new stuff.
Kclone - I believe the MQ-88 first came out in 2007. If you go to the following site -, you will find a good review article. For me, the MQ-88 is one of those rare tube amps that combines the best of both tubes and SS. My experience with other Luxman gear is limited to their class A integrateds and their PD-441 and PD-444 turntables. As good as the Luxman class A integrateds are, I do not believe it is fair to compare them sonically to a class A Luxman amp. IME, separates are generally better than integrateds.
Oh okay. I had only been to the solid state part of the website. I should have done a search before I posted. Thanks. The last time I heard anything from the Luxman line was 1982. So really, I don't have any experience with them but I bet you are right, the separates are probably better than the integrateds. I am a fan integrated amps though and from what I hear, the Luxman integrateds are darn good. I will find out soon enough.