Luxman B-1, anyone have? heard?

Not so much info about this monoblock... would like to know more, thanks.
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My thinking is its a Japanese model only as I couldn't find anything on my usual Luxman web sites. My guess is its part of the  Laboratory Reference Series they were a slim line series. 

 I'm a big fan of Luxman and have had a few of their integrated amps over the years. Interesting item though, little mono 100wpc amp. 
How can a mono power amp be 100wpc when there is only one channel?
Here's the amp on the Luxman japan website, google translate worked very good in order to know about this design info

Luxman Japan told me via e-mail that it's a 2000 year product.

Here are pictures about the amps:
Considering order a pair of these for multi amp the three way loudspeakers that I'm planning...Just would like to read some user's reviews about then, but there's none...

I bet that this amp can be great for low frequencies...
in order to use the B-1's for the bass..