LSA Statement Tube Rolling


Can anyone who has tried this amplifier give an opinion on tube rolling the 6922's or any other advice to share.

Most NOS folks use the Amperex or Siemens.Price increases as you approach the CCas.
You should state what you want to achieve with adjusting the sound. More detail? More richness? Or both. I'd also suggest just searching the AA tube board on the tube type variants to get a handle on what the different tubes can do and finding a tube that sounds like what you want and then try it. I do find that my Signature version responds to tube rolling in that it the sound changes with the very minimal rolling I have done.

Too early to tell as the EH-6922's have not fully burned in.

I use the 6dj8, Amprex made in Holland. They are very warm and rich--an almost transformative sound for my taste.
Highly recommended.

Thanks Larry

So far the best in my system and for my taste have been the Mullard CV2493. I tried the early model Amperex 6922 and Cryo treated EH-6922's but the Mullards are the best to date.

Actually, I didn't mention that mine are NOS 8/62 vintage.
I don't know what that means, other than, they best anything I've heard by a wide margin.
They offer the smoothness of the Mullards, without being too rolled over or syrupy.
It's as if they were made for this pre section, obviously, unless time travel is possible, not likely.

Hi Larry

Sorry to trouble you but any chance of photos of the Amperex's you have or a detailed description of them ?

By the way Iam still waiting for John T's latest speaker cables to come on the market

MY new Lsa standard amp came with 1 EH6922 doa :-(
after match hunting around and looking - i have settled on a matched pair of gold pin EH6922's as a gentle priced introduction to valves - havent got them yet.
Oly2040, sooner or later, the 'what if' bug will seize your conscious mind, your senses will fail, and you'll be on line buying 6dj8's from some guy who knows more about tubes than anyone has a right to.
When that moment of incoherence hits, write me and I'll give you the name of my

Good listening.
I use Amperex 7308's in my Statement. They open up the sound to a much broader AND finer degree than the stock 6922's.
Bpinder, You need to learn a little about Phillips manufacturing codes (Amperex, Mullard, Valvo, Seimens, etc.) that are etched into the glass of the tubes. The codes will tell you tube type and where and when they were made. Here is a link to a pdf file that will tell you all about them:

The Tubemonger website:

has a very extensive library of pictures of tubes. There is a link to the library on the left side of the homepage. Have fun!
Let me add that most of the Phillips tubes around now use the "New Code" etched into the glass on the side of the tube, near the bottom, as shown on the bottom of page 3 of the "Phillips Factory Valve Codes".

The 2 line code usually goes like this:

type type change
factory year month week

That will make sense to you with a little reading.