LPs for a high resolution check?

Here are some of mine, can your system resolve these?

The very faint birds chirping in the background on “SONOTA**+”, side one, “Fresh Aire” by Mannheim Steamroller (AG-355-Stereo). Must be a quiet room, very hard to hear.

Deep breaths in Jacqi McShee’s acapella on “When I Was In My Prime”, side 2, “A Maid That’s Deep in Love” by Pentangle (Shanachie 79066).

Faint tape “print through” pre-echo, throughout , “CHET - The lyrical trumpet of Chet Baker”, (Riverside OJC-087).

James Cobb’s delicate brushes on drum skin, on “Blue in Green”, “Kind of Blue” - Miles Davis (Columbia CS 8163).

What are some of yours?

System -
ZYX Airy 3 S SB
JMW 10 arm
VPI TNT Reference III table
MG 3.6
Great idea for a thread! What exactly is a "Print-thru" pre-echo? This is the first time I've heard of this.
Posted 19: 28 3/10/13
Print through on Shelby Lynne "Just A little Lovin'" at about 1 min 27 secs "This Old World" comes through 3 times before she actually sings it!!
One of my favorites is a 1962 George Shearing live album on Capitol---San Francisco Scene. As my system resolution has improved over the years, I am able to hear more of the background sounds. More important, however, is Shearing's introduction of a tune "...written by Armando Perraza 15 years ago that he calls My New Mambo." On a really good system, I can "see" Shearing smile as he says "New Mambo." On many systems though this does not come through at all. I think this is a test of not only resolution but also the ability of a system to convey emotion in a recording. I have no idea how to quantitfy that but some systems have it and some don't.