Lowest I need to spend on a DAC to beat a RP6 ?

I sold my Coincident Phono Preamp because most of the music I listen are usually not available in Vinyl, and was off vinyl for a few months.

Currently I have Coincident Line stage, Coincident Dragon Mk 2, and Vienna Acoustics Mozart speakers and Wavelength Cosecant Denominator DAC.

My DAC is pretty good, I thought until I found a Jasmine phono stage on Audiogon, bought it, and started to listen to my LPs again. Damn! there was no comparison.

My vinyl rig is far from SOTA: Rega RP6, Shelter 501 Mk2, Jasmine Phono Mk 2.

So my question is : what's the least I will have to spend on my DAC to come close to my humble Vinyl setup.
One trick with DACs is to use clean power feeding them. If you have clean power going in, a relatively inexpensive (but good) basic DAC can sound quite a bit better than it would if it were just plugged into the wall.

I have two systems and a good power regenerator (a PS Audio P3 Powerplant and a Monarchy Audio P100) used in each one of them.

So I'd say that before you even get rid of your present DAC get a good power regenerator and see what it can do for your system. If you don't start with clean power, your system can't sound its best no matter how good your components are.
Just buy an OPPO 105 and it will beat it, if you like that kind of thing.