Best sound from lowest price Pass Labs amp?

I’m considering scaling back my bulky, but beautiful, system. Currently using Pass Labs XA60.5 mono amps with a good Cary Audio tube preamp. Speakers are fairly sensitive- about 92 db.
Based on some superlative reviews, I’m considering the smaller Pass Labs XA25 stereo amp. Would this comparatively inexpensive little beauty actually improve the sound quality?
Opinions wecome - especially from those with actual experience with these amps.

Depending on how you want to scale down. There's a number of excellent integrateds out right now.
I remember trying to downsize from my Pass X250. Was a terrible mistake. Went through lots of gear and money looking for something to replace what I was missing. Ended up getting a Pass X250.8 to be happy again. 
Mark from Reno Hifi says the XA60.5s are better sonically “no Question.”
He should know.  So unless I get the opportunity to audition the XA25 in my system, I’ll stick with my monoblocks for now.
“Upgrade-itis” or change-for-the-sake-of-change is a frustrating affliction in this hobby.
basically, it seems like you're asking is there a cheaper amp than the XA60.5 that sounds better (?) …  doubt it
cakids, I wish you would have an audition of the XA25 and report your results.  All things being equal I think I may have one someday.