Anybody know the lowest freq on "Who Let The Dogs Out"?

I heard it in the car the other day and as I don't listen pop much I was surprised to hear my subs play every note!
I can tell you if you can in fact tell me "who let the dogs out?" After all I know who the walrus is ;)
The walrus and the eggman are one in the same! :-)
ask sgt. pepper, after all, it was 20 years ago today...
Whatever the frequency, it's not nearly as low as the pop cultural nadir set when this material was released.
I'm not sure about that song in particular, but those types of songs usually have loud, ultra boosted bass, but not necessarily deep bass, frequency-wise. They're not the same thing. A huge pipe organ recording would probably have deeper bass, even if it's not as loud or prominent.
Phild is correct; most pop stuff like that has a 60 hz bump; it's not as low as it seems (disco is a prime example). I agree with Cw's post, well put!
The question is the answer. Who is on first? Who is on first.

In a startling turn of events, Peter Townsend was arrested today by Interpol, as it turns out that The Who let the dogs out.

If you want really deep bass, you need to go to the competition CD market, such as Techmaster P.E.B.'s Bass Computer and listen to the Ultimate Woofer Test. Bassgasm is another that will make your sub's amp heat up.

I have noticed a VERY low extension on Eminem's "Without Me" from The Eminem Show. It is below where I can hear, but I can see MASSIVE extension from my woofers, so I must guess it is in the 15-18 Hz range at the end of a bass cascade.