low resistance and highest quality Speaker cables

I am looking for you recomendation for a good quality speaker cable that is lowest resistance and highest quality. I need to use it for my Infinity RS 1-B's bass columns and amps.
No comments? Do low resistance cables exist?
You can lower the resistance by increasing the gauge of the wire, but that doesn't get you better sound. My experience has taught me that lowest series inductance is the parameter that determines better sound quality. Alpha-Core wires fit this catagory at a reasonable price, and I like them a lot.
I second the Alpha Core. I'm using the MI-2 Veracity speaker cables with excellent results.
Infinity RS 1-B's, cool. Had a pair once and ran Music Hose cabling. I agree, bigger gauge is not always better. You may like Silversmith ribbons.
Well I have alpha Core...so I must be OK....:)
Why low resistance? Be aware that while heavier guage is the main determinant for low DC resistance, resistance to a music signal is a whole other ball game. Geometry is more important than the bulk of the conductor (within reason) when talking about AC.
Why low resistance? If you biwire, the first thing the tweeter signal sees after the speaker terminals is a tweeter padding resistor, usually in the range of 2-5 ohms. The first thing the woofer signal sees is about 100 feet of (usually) smallish wire wound up to create an inductor with resistance typically 0.5 to 1.0 ohm.

Low resistance is touted because it is easy for people to understand (compared with capacitance/inductance).