Low-Profile (Right-Angle), High-Quality 15A cable for PS Audio P3?

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to AudiogoN. I've done some searching in these forums and extensively via Google and I'm struggling to find many options. Due to our new living room arrangement, I need to find a high-quality (sub-$300) power cable for my PS Audio P3 that hugs the wall outlet with a low-profile design. Here's the one and only I've found: http://fatwyre.com/twinlink/

Alternatively, there are plenty of budget solutions such as this: http://www.quail.com/P-5067.072/Power-Cord--Quail-Pn-5067072--6-143-Sjtw-105c-Black-Nacc-Nema-515p-D...

Does anyone know where else to find such a cable? Are there reputable custom cable manufacturers at a reasonable price? It looks like PS Audio once made such a cable (looks perfect for my setup, actually), but it's long gone and nowhere to be found (https://www.thecableco.com/newsletter-detail.aspx?iid=5835#articles_4).

If you can you some DIY, look at the Furutech FI-12ML(R).  It's a right-angle rhodium plated male plug.  You can get it for around $100.
Wouldn't be inexpensive but Purist Audio could probably custom make you anything.
Nathan, did you notice that the Fatwyre cable pictured is a Cardas?
try newegg.com

get the cheapest decent AC cable and use your $$ to buy a real power conditioner
Thanks, everyone. Good suggestions. I'll check out Purist (and, yes...I noticed that the cable linked to above is a Cardas...just searching for more options). Randy-11: What do you favor in the land of power conditioners?
I suggest you talk to the member albertporter. Albert is an esteemed contributor here and a Purist dealer.
OP - I assume you are using the P3 for sources and preamps only?
Lots of people have been buying the Topaz units used and are very happy.
hifiman5: At the moment, I'm in the process of building out a new system. At this stage, a Sony A1E OLED is plugged into one bank, an Oppo UDP-205 into another, a TiVo BOLT + Cisco Tuning Adapter plugged into bank 3, and I plan to soon add a Marantz Reference integrated amplifier to the HC bank.

randy-11: Thanks. I'll check it out.