Looks like M&K is back in Business?


I have sold M&K's products on many occasions over the past 2 decades. I always thought they made a good product.
Anyone care to comment on this latest?
Why would you want to buy from an unstable company, newly back in business? Think of all the buyers they left on the warranty curb.
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I like my M&K piece a lot. Have never found reason to consider ditching it.

Its worked well without issue for over 15 years now.

Glad to see they're back + will look forward to their new products.
Well I would think they would honor warranty on older products. Infact, I think they should go out of their way to DEFINITELY take care of even well out-dated MK products of old, too! But I guess we'll see.
Companies unfortunately do go under from time to time. It's the nature of things. I do, however, hate to see co's that otherwise make excellent products go under. But then I'm that much more pleased to see em come back! (I mean, would you rather have some other company come fill their void, offering inferior product? I wouldn't.
Beyond the politics and uncertainties, I've always thought they made very well built, solid, good sounding products for what they were designed for. Certainly, the dependability factor was VERY GOOD, IME! I wouldn't hesitate to buy or sell the products in the right situation.
Hope they do well, and come back strong.
They have a long road ahead of them. There is so much more competition from other brands and ID offerings out there now. Best of luck to them.