Gemme Audio - Out of business?

Anyone know if Gemme Audio closed up shop? Their site, while generally inaccessible for the last year or so appears to have been pulled down completely. (?)

I was hoping to obtain a pair of the V3 outrigger style feet for my V2 Tantos which sound fantastic but are prone to falls on our carpeted floors.
Perhaps as an alternative you could secure some ajustable low stands of high quality. There are several makers, and I'm sure the community would be happy to help recall a few.

Alternatively, why not find a slab of appropriate color marble or other hard material to use as a base and set them ontop? Get a nice fat 1x1' floor tile or marble sample, etc. Easy, economical, etc. You may have to change out the spikes for some carriage bolts or similar and put some felt on the head so as to protect the marble. :)
Will the outriggers from Soundocity work?
Thanks for the replies guys.
Doug, it's funny you mention the slabs. I just took them off some 5" thick Vermont granite I found as part of a large landfill project. That solved the stability problem, but raised the speakers much higher than they were designed for, and made for a larger visual presence which didn't sit too well with my wife. :-)

Rose, I think I could get away with one set of the Soundocity outriggers for the back, where the Tantos only have one spike (that's the problem right there). That may be my best option. The OEM Gemme outrigger feet do "look" better however.

I hope the Gemme guys are still around. The Tantos are an amazing speaker and I hope to get an opportunity to hear the Katana's at some point in the future.
I owned a pair of Tantos for about a year and a half, there weren't to bad sounding but continued to break down, the manufacturer was very unhelpful. If there gone it wouldn't surprise me.
Sorry to hear about your experience Tmsorosk. I'm surprised you experienced continuous breakdowns since the Tanto's drivers and arrangement are as simple as they come. (no crossovers, one cap for the tweeter, and pretty basic driver units.) What was determined to be the cause of the problem?
Looks like Gemme is going out of business, as far as I can tell. About 8 months ago I bought a set of Katanas from a local guy (an impulse buy). Gorgeous speaker, but while the soundstage is something, I think my much cheaper Tylers sound better in many respects.

With the Katanas I noticed a slight snapping sound in one speaker. I assuming my amp might need to be re-tubed, but so far I haven't noticed the sound with my Tylers.
My post is a bit of an edit on previous post. Mostly because an inaccurate speaker review isn't fair to the speaker builder.

Looks like the snapping noise was from my tube amp needing to be re-tubed, not from Gemmes. Also doing a substantial A/B comparison between the Katanas and my Tyler's the Katana's have an edge in overall sound. This should be the case as the Katana's are much more expensive. The Tyler's are still an excellent speaker for the money.

I have the Katana's in a medium-size room. I think they would do well in a bit larger room. This is unusual for 2-way speakers.

It is not unusual for a small high-end speaker manufacturer to go out of business. It is a very niche market. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. The speaker could become a bit of collector's item.
"The speaker could become a bit of collector's item."

Possibly. Depends on the speaker. One example could be the Bulldog by Cliffhanger Audio.
Yes, they are for sure out of business. I have a pair of black Tanto V2's with the v3 base if anyone is interested. I can only say they are very good speakers even at the price.
Gemme is now Arteluthe

Same cabinet vflex technology, but active with DSP. Use morel carbon woofers now.