Looking for Turntable Reccomendations

I'm looking for  and unpopulated Turntable reccomendations to pair with some of my existing analogue components. I currently own a Sutherland 20/20 phono amp with LPS. I also have an Origin Live Zepher 12" Tone Arm and a SoundSmith MMMC* Cartridge (Factory Upgraded). All very nice components, but I would prefer not to break the bank on plinth and platter. New or Used inputs!

Most of my listening is Jazz, R&B. 


SS Class A Mono Amps / PreAmp Tube / Efficent 3 way Speakers, Flanked by Duel Subs.

Thank you in Advance



The mounting plate rotates, it might fit your long arm, need measurements



Note: when you rotate or slide ___ for a longer arm, and a factory dust cover is involved: you need to know about the rear counterweight section, it needs to fit when stored with the dustcover down., and the height must clear when the cover is on/down

I had to be very careful with this one, factory dust cover not shown, but the right side long arm and short left arm ’just fit’ when the cover is on.



Without thinking, I added a spacer to raise the long arm, (the JVC spinners are high and wide). I got lucky, top of the gimbal just fits below the top of the dust cover when on.

Having learned from that experience, I searched until I found the left Mission arm with a very short counterweight section, AND it needed a small diameter mounting ring to get close to the wide rim of the TT81. Luckily the seller knew how to measure for me before purchase.




As I was going to suggest a heavy plinth Lenco, I wonder why you would suggest staying away from one?

I built one, and it’s modded with some of my own design details, including a dedicated dynamic isolation platform. It is a fantastic sounding TT by any metric. 


Most people do not want to get that involved. They want to buy a table, mount the arm, plug it in and go. There are not many crazy fools like you and me.