Looking for my Final Pair!!

Been through the high end maelstrom for over 30 years and although I have enjoyed the ride, I desperately want to find speakers that exude dynamics, tone and presence.  I want to be transported to the Village Vanguard where The John Coltrane Quartet are performing any night I desire.  I want to feel the timbre of his sax 🎷. When I close my eyes I want to be enveloped by the atmosphere of the space and awash with the impact and emotion being expressed by the musicians.  I don’t want to hear what the engineers hear after they mix a recording...I want to be in the studio when the tracks are being laid down!  So far, Tannoy Heritage Arden have come to my attention, Klipsch Cornwall IV’s, JBL S4700’s or perhaps Spatial Audio X3’s?  Help
What I love about a forum like this is how it demonstrates that everyone hears differently, everybody expects something special from their speakers and how this process shows us that nobody is correct on which is the best speaker . As it is with all equipment.

I love it. Really opens us all up to what is out there. Many products I have never hear of and it sends me off researching, only making the rabbit hole deeper and deeper.
Please do not get any coloser to the rabbit hole or should it spelled whole, your lose would be as devastating as my no longer blogging on agon....
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oldhvymec2: Everests! From a friend in the business who has real good ears and has listened to many extraordinary speakers, loves the Everests.

Oakland Hills! Montclair per chance? Just phenomenally gorgeous. Nice that you live by that area.
.I want to be in the studio

I found my ~~THe Final speaker~~~~
just need the $1800 to make this happen