Looking for an amplifer

So I currently have a Mcintosh MC2500 that went for some warranty repair and was damaged in transit. Instead of the audio store calling and telling me, They tried repairing the physical damage and not tell. After the warranty repairs were done and the amplifier shipped back to me. I promptly noticed the physical damage that they were not able to repair/replace when I called them out on it they then said the amp was damaged in transit and they spent a lot of hours trying to fix the physical damage and that since I wasn't happy they would just pick up the amp and refund my money.

So that has me in the market for another amp. My budget is 3k/4k. What I have found thus far are the following:

1. Another Mcintosh MC 2500 $3200 silver face not black like the one that was damaged.

2. Krell FPB 300c for $3900

3. Classe CA 400 for $2600

4. Pass Labs X350 for $4600 over my planned budget.

Has anyone had experience with these amps that can provide some feed back on what they liked or didn't like about them?

My speakers are Dunlavy SC4

I see Pass Labs X250 come up for sale around $2500 or so. Another option.
On that speaker, a Theta Dreadnaught Mk.1 or 2 is a very good match. You can use 4 channels and do a vertical biamp. It will be a significant upgrade from your current amp.
Believe it or not had that set up on my Dunlavy's and while it did sound great just wasn't overall as musical as the MAC. And didn't have the head room the MAC has. I was thinking mabe a set of Theata mono blocks??
I really think your heading in the right direction with the mono block idea, Except I would get a pair of MAC mono blocks! You already stated you like the MAC sound. Why then would you totally switch gears and jump to something different? I would call Mike Sastra (VP) at Audio classics in vestal New York and ask him what he has available. I have dealt with Mike for over 20yrs and he is awesome to work with.  He might be able to surprise you with a killer deal on some McIntosh amps.

Matt M
Agreed. However don't think they would give up a set of Mac Monos for my budget..... I would love to find a set of Mac Monos in my budget. 
I snagged a McIntosh MC452 power amp and it's been a great amp, plenty of power, significantly better soundstage than my previous MA6700 200 watt per channel integrated.  I now have a C2500 preamp, nice match for the MC452.