Looking for a quality, easy to use, A/V processor

Not sure if there is such a thing? I just bought new speakers and an amp. I’m going from a HK AVR445 receiver and Klipsch Synergy speakers. Both purchased about 12 yrs ago.

I only run L/C/R channels through my AVR (no surrounds or sub). The Cable box and 4k player are plugged into the OLED with high speed HDMI’s, and I have a single optical cable going from my TV to the AVR. Very easy for me to setup and use.

Im thinking of replacing the AVR with an A/V Preprocessor, if it will improve any sound quality. Not that it sounds bad to me, but if replacing the 12 yr old AVR will make an improvement, I’d like to do that.

Im not the most tech friendly guy around, and I don’t want to read a 100+ page manual just to watch a movie or listen to a cd. Is there such a Pre out there, and will the quality improve or just stay the same anyways? I just read the thread a few down about the Oppo 205 being used for a Pre. Seems like it could be an easy to use upgrade.

Any suggestions would very much appreciated, thanks!
What amplifier will you be using with this pre/pro?
What's your budget?
Are you replacing the Klipsch Synergy?  If not, I would just get at a minimum a midlevel AVR that does what you need.

I bought a McIntosh MC7106 to run the 3 new fronts... I purchased and hooked up my Wharfedale Reva-4 towers, and the Reva-C center.

I purchased my tv, avr and speakers all at the same time. So, yes, my tv was 12 yrs old, lol. The upgrade in quality going to an OLED was absolutely amazing! If a new surround processor would also be an improvement, I’d fork over the dough for a new one. If it really wouldn’t, then I’m content staying with what I have.

I would prolly like to stay in the 1500-2000 range for a new processor. A Used piece is perfectly fine too.

thank you, Bill for your help and any suggestions.
Maybe a new or refurbished Marantz 7703 or Yamaha 5100?