Looking for a good subwoofer

I have recently purchased two B&W 805s and looking for a good subwoofer match. More concerned about musical quality than HT but will be used for both. My WAF is a 12" speaker and room size is 20Wx20LX14H.

I Have been considering B&W 825, JL112, Velodyne DD12.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I second the REL B-2, possibly even the REL B-1 given your room size.
I looked at the velodyne and JL-F112 and selected the JL. To me it was a bit better controlled. I understand that other factors could have played in this like room treatments. I have not listened to a REL critically so no opinion there. I have been very happy with both the power for HT and ability of the JL to work for music.
I second Bob_reynolds on the SVS PB13 Ultra. I have one of my own in piano gloss black and purchased a custom HIFI Pyon Mythology Subwoofer platform just for the SVS. All I can say is "AMAZING". Corded with excellent Synergistic Research Tesla T3 power cord and Tesla RCA. Best bass I've heard....SO FAR!!!!!

Regards Bacardi
I have a Velo DD-15 and love it. The remote control can't be beat - mandatory if you listen to different types of music, especially when you consider that the recording process varies so tremendously from disc to disc. I also use SR Tesla on my sub.

If you can wait a bit, I believe Velo might be coming out with a new line of top-end subs within the next 3-4 months - that's the unsubstantiated rumor...
I have only found the James and JL Audio to deliver for music. Jallen
Rythmik is a very good value for a music-centric subwoofer and it will easily outperform much more expensive RELs (i.e. max clean output from app 20hz to 40hz) for HT use. I use a pair of 12" Rythmiks for music only and am very pleased. They can't, however, quite match the equivalent SVS models or (much more expensive) JLs on the numbers in the HT performance tests.

Good Luck


PS I'd always argue that proper integration is more important than the choice of subwoofer. If you can swing an SVS/Audyssey unit or Velodyne SMS-1 to optimize the sub's output & integration with the mains, I believe that your chance for happiness increases exponentially - just MHO.
my standard answer to the subwoofer thread...highly recommend the thiel subwoofers and integration tools, especially if the goal is primarily music. i am surprised they do not get mentioned more often.
For musicality, I strongly recommend the Vandersteen 2Wq. If HT is a major priority, the V2W might be a better fit. Whether or not it will pass the WAF test, I can't say.
I'll second Rythmik for a music 1st sub.