Looking for a cd player to match my system

I am currently looking to upgrade my cd player. My current system includes:

Cary 303 100 cd player
Thor TA-1000 preamp
Thor TPA-30 monobloc amps
Kharma Ceramique 1.0 Speakers
Acoustic Zen cables

I would like to keep the price below $5,000.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I think it would be plain foolish not to consider the Audio Aero Capitole Mk I. For that kind of money you mind as well get an amazing player to compliment your gear- get one in your system and I am sure you will do what it takes to keep it there! ~Tim
Check out the Sony SCD-1 player. It's an excellent CD unit with excellent SACD as a bonus. Stereophile has a review and some quips on this unit and their summary is right on the money.

BTW, which AZ cables do you have and how do you like them? And what cables did you compare them with prior to your decision?

Best CD Players i heard, are the Audio Aero Capitole Mk I, MK 11, Audio Research CD 2 and CD 3. Levinson 35, 36s Dac and 37 Transport. Meridian 508 24 CD Player.
Also, you may wish to add the Muse Thalia Nine Gen.2. Its one of the best one box players on the market at this time.

Best of luck,
If you like the sound of your Cary, the 306/200 is supposed to be pretty good too. People tend to lump it in with many of the above players. Everyone seems to have their own favorite, so you should probably try to listen to a few before deciding.
Also check Audiomeca Mephisto II (used about $3.5k). Good luck.