linn sondek tt

Does anybody still buy this? I just noticed many of their old dealers are gone.i wonder why?
I own a couple and I know folks who have bought LP12s in the last year. 

Linn, as a company, has taken a different direction and has embraced streaming, they no longer make a preamp, or phono preamp, that does not digitize analog signals. But there will always be support for the best selling turntable in history. A stone cold bargain, IMHO, at today’s used prices, and a true classic.
The latest LP12 Klimax is able to compete with tables that are very significantly higher in price. I think the problem is the table doesn't have the high tech look that some of the deep pocket a'philes want, and two) it has had so many variants that there is a tremendous amount of misinformation that continues to circle around it. 

@lowrider57  care to mention a table that is better for the same money as a full spec LP12 Klimax??
I can. I sold mine for a Kuzma Ref2 and it beats my old LP12 radical in every single way. 
Kuzma was nearly half the price too!
I'm not up on the latest TT's since I've been upgrading my digital.
Dont know of a better TT rig since I've been out of the game, but I do love the sound of a Linn. 
I think you can get many XL TTs for that amount, but it's a matter of taste. If I could afford it, I would own a Klimax or a Sota.

Absolutely correct about misinformation due to the many variants. But for an owner, you gotta love that this can be a TT for life. The upgrades and different choices will continue.

Some of the most musically involving systems I've heard over the years had Linn turntables in them. We always spent a lot of time in the Linn rooms at the various shows. These were guys who shied away from the overly reverbed recordings normally played in the rooms at shows and opted for truly great recordings to demo with instead.