linn sondek tt

Does anybody still buy this? I just noticed many of their old dealers are gone.i wonder why?
There is still a large group of LP12 owners. Most already own a Linn setup and continue to upgrade, so I don’t think there are many new sales, except perhaps in the UK. The issue is that a new SotA Linn is very expensive and there are better tables for that amount of money.

The quality of the LP12 continues to increase, but requires owners to upgrade components such as new improved power supplies and tonearms.
I love the Linn sound, but it is expensive to own the latest versions.
There are many complaints about setup by non owners, but if your Linn has been properly setup by a Linn dealer or Linn specialist it will provide years of trouble free performance.

I own a couple and I know folks who have bought LP12s in the last year. 

Linn, as a company, has taken a different direction and has embraced streaming, they no longer make a preamp, or phono preamp, that does not digitize analog signals. But there will always be support for the best selling turntable in history. A stone cold bargain, IMHO, at today’s used prices, and a true classic.
The latest LP12 Klimax is able to compete with tables that are very significantly higher in price. I think the problem is the table doesn't have the high tech look that some of the deep pocket a'philes want, and two) it has had so many variants that there is a tremendous amount of misinformation that continues to circle around it. 

@lowrider57  care to mention a table that is better for the same money as a full spec LP12 Klimax??