Lifting grounds in the system.

I've heard that lifing grounds in the system will help reduce noise. How can I get the cheater plug that allow me to lift the ground? I tried to find at Home Depot, Lowe, and Radio shack but no luck. Is there any other way to lift the ground using the existing power cord and without cutting the ground prong.


Supakit S.
All of the above should have the "cheater" plug if you ask for it correctly. What you want is a three prong to two prong adapter plug. The Radio Shack part number is as follows: 61-2720. Cost is less than $2.00 for a package of 2 plugs.
ACE hardware has them for 69 cents. I sold a pair of Aural Symphonics power cords with the ground pin cut to another Agon member "Yaz" and I saw yesterday he has them up for sale for $40 each. They are good cords for the $$ and have the pin removed already
Feel compelled to mention that lifting or disconnecting the grounding conductor (3rd pin) for an audio/HT system (or anything else for that matter) is, potentially, a very dangerous proposition. Instead of lifting the entire system, I'd like to suggest trying to connect all your equipment to a "common ground point". Methods for this type of scheme can be found in numerous places on the web. It's not the most simple thing to design and execute but when done correctly, will greatly reduce AC "noise" without compromising safety. For additional protection, have a qualified electrician replace the circuit breaker(s) on the branch circuit supplying your gear with what are called GFIC (ground fault interrupt circuit) breakers. Happy listening.
I agree with MWP7373! signed "Your Local Building Ispector"
I you really feel the need to degrade your sound then do install that GFI breaker. Good old fuses sound better, ceramic is best. Several threads on this under "dedicated lines".
MWP is dead on right, but so is Bob, as far as the GFIC breaker is concerned. Good old ceramic fuses are best AND you REALLY can hear the difference---if you clean them with Kontak or something similar. (Better dynamics, strange but true)
I lifted the ground on my system about 5 years back after a phone conversation with Audiogon member "Skull". Thanks again Mike, what a difference it made. Maybe he will see this post and refresh the star ground theme for us all, and for me once again. (Sorry, mine is behind the wall now, and I might forget to mention something important). I also agree with Bob bundus and Detlof, the GFCI recepticles have really messed up the sound in every system I've heard them in. And yes, try to install an older sytle sub panel in your listening room which uses the older style screw in fuses. (It does make a difference). I found a 100 Amp panel at a electrical surplus store, disassembled it, had it powdercoated and installed by my local electrician. (so they are out there, and it can be done). Just my 2 cents ...
If you really want to mess with a floating ground. Go to Radio Shack and get the two prong foreign travel outlet adaptor, no. 273-1406D for $1.99. This will allow you to go from 2-prong polarized (one prong is wider) to simply 2 prong (both the thin kind). Then you can flip your connection over to try the connection with the prongs reversed. I am sure the building inspectors out there would not approve of this either, but a lot of you like to live on the edge.