Levinson ML-11

I’ve recently acquired an ML-12 preamp, which needs an ML-11 as a mate to power it. One assumes, then, that the synergy between these two vintage pieces is quite good. Soooo...dual part question:

(1) Is anyone still running the ML-11 and ML-12 combo and what do you think?

(2) Does anyone have an ML-11 amp (with the rectangular power ports, not the round ones) that they would like to part with? I’m a bargain oriented guy but pay fair prices.

Focus is on Q1. Q2 is just there in case. I’m curious to hear what folks think of this combo. I would likely use it as a second or third system somewhere, and with speakers not needing a ton of current.

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Bump.  Just keeping this up front for a few days in the hope someone uses this combo...
I'll bump it one more time just in case people missed this.  Would appreciate any feedback...

Above a ML11 with the round (Neutric) connectors $ 1500


Above one for $850 but with a square connector for the Power output to the preamp

Did some searching on this but found little - however it should be possible to build a power supply for the ML12 could one fond a schematic.

Best of Luck


Thanks Peter.  I saw both of those auctions and I'm seeing if the pricing on the lower priced one is negotiable at all.  Building a power supply is also an option I guess, but doesn't seem the most efficient use of $$ since if I can get an ML-11 at a fair price I get both the PS and a good amp.  Thanks again!
My guess is that the ML12 runs on +/-15VDC like most the rest of the ML Preamps of that day, the 6 pin connectors are most likely the +/- 15V Ground - Signal ground and then Signal 

You could probably make a PS for about $ 100 or so

Best of Luck