Levinson 336 or what?

I like the 336 but want to know what else is out there in this category. It will be used with a Levinson 390s and B&W N802's. I plan to spend about 5k used.
Donkeyshins(German for thank you:-),
Depending on the price I am also looking at the 336, Krell 350/450CX, or Pass Labs X350. Maybe somebody else can add a choice.
Griswold, I have the same speakers and CD player but am running a 335. Very musical and non digital sounding. I wish I could give you some suggestions but I can't. I've listened to Pass Labs, tried the Plinius, Coda, Bryston and Classe but the 335 beat them all. Maybe a high power tube amp? If you find something better, let me know.
I carefully auditioned the 334, 336, Pass 150 and 350, and several other solid-state amps a couple of years ago - with Rockport speakers in my room. I would highly recommend that you consider and audition a Rowland Model 10. Forget previous iterations of Rowland used amps. The 10 and 12 (monos) are a completely different animal - sonically - for Rowland.