Less expensive Cables for Simaudio & Focal Speaker

Looking for the less expensive copper cables for Simaudio Neo 250i Integrated Amplifier and Focal 807W speakers.
Thanks in advance on suggestions.
My preference is Van den Hul D-352 - I purchased bulk cable and installed Furez silver plated bananas for about $350 for a 10 foot pair. Very neutral, dynamic, with deep bass and spacious.

Signal Cable also has some interesting looking cables within your budget - other members report Signal Cable products to be very good and exceptional value.

You could also look at "previously enjoyed" cables advertised here by members.

Good luck

Also take a look at the thread "Best Cheap Speaker Cables"

Lots of options there
I'm using Cardas Quadlink 5C between my Simaudio I.5 Integrated and Vandersteen 1Ci speakers. Different speakers I know but very dynamic sound. The Simaudio I.5 was the predessesor to the 220i which then became the 220i Neo.
2M pair is $518. 1.5M is $424.
Look into Synergistic Research Element Copper interconnects, speaker cable and power cords. IMO these are the best Copper cables sold today. Take a look at their website for links to many reputable website reviews and more info on specs. You can demo these from The Cable Company and try before you buy. I'm sure you will finds these as the best Copper cables out today. Have fun and always go with what your ears tell you and what's best for you and your system.
If you can get past copper and consider silver, Tempo Electric speaker cables can be had for your alloted budget.
I have an 8' set and they set me back $380.

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I have all signal cable silver resolution cables in my system. I like them quite a bit. I've compared them with many others and I think they strike a good balance of extension, bass and detail (fleshed out?).

I believe that cables, just like everything else, are system dependant but I think you'd be happy with signal cables. Try to demo some different cables before you buy.

Blue jeans belden 10 gauge are actually pretty damn good also, if you're going for copper. Good extension and great bass. Just not as fleshed out as some silver cables, but with your set-up (and the focals) they may work for you. You could pick up a pair for $80ish and then compare them with whatever else you demo...

Clear day shotguns (all silver) are nice also, and Paul might have a demo pair...
Great choices already mentioned, I like Analysis Plus, the lease expensive copper IC is very nice and the Oval 9 betters a lot of sub $1,000 cables IMHO.
Torevado, I forgot to mention. I tried these copper cables on Simaudio and Focal equipment. Thanks. :-)