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Does anyone have any experience with Legacy Audio products? I'm curious because they are made in the city that I have recently moved to.
LEGACY FOCUS,the speaker had terrible treble extension bright and hard,the bass was muddy and non-musical about the only positive aspect was the midrange.build quality was very good [cabinet],but never understood why a $5000 dollar pair of speaker's came with PLASTIC support stand's which where screw to the bottom of the cabinets.sold my pair 6 months old and took a bath.good luck. speakers,came with plastic
The previous post was by someone that doesn't know how to position expensive speakers to get their best. I have a matched Legacy system complete with Focus(mains), SilverScreen(center), Studios(rears), Legacy(by CODA) 2 channel amp, Legacy(by CODA) 4 channel amp, and EAD Encore pre-amp/processor. Legacy also sells the EAD unit with their faceplate under the name NextStep. The Focus does not sound their best unless at least 3 feet away from the rear wall and side walls. If less than 3 feet from the rear wall, the bass does sound muddy. Because of the "wife factor" I purchased a Legacy equalizer(Steradian) to control the bass since my wife will not allow the Focus 3 feet from the rear wall. The Focus sound best in the midrange but also excellent in the highs and bass. Again, room placement must be experimented with. Build quality is excellent but I agree that I don't understand the plastic feet. I personally have mine sitting on rolling platforms that allow me to move them off the wall after my wife goes to sleep. While I would not probably spend $5600 for a pair of new Focus, I got a pair one year old for $3600. A steal at that price. Aned I've listened to plenty of speakers in that price range. If you live in Springfield, go take a listen. You might also try checking out the reviews from individuals on audioreview.com. Richard
I owned the Focus for a couple of years and I agree with GTS87 and Phill. They might be OK in home theater if you can buy them used for around $2000. A freind of mine just bought a pair for $2000 to replace his NHT 1.5's. I would go take a listen to them since your close but I would also listen to other things before you get to caught up in the hype at Legacy. There a lot of good speakers in this price range.
Contrary to popular belief, the build quality of Legacy speakers is not that good. My father has a pair that i've had to make repairs to before. While doing this, i've found several other problems with them. The internal wiring scheme is GOOFY at best. 12 gauge to some midranges while they use 16 gauge to one of the woofers ??? The quality of connections is a severe joke. Some of their "factory made crimps" literally fell of in my hand once they were loosened from the binding posts. The ports are not properly configured internally and cause turbulence / bumps in the air path, therefore affecting the tuning as volume levels change. This happens on all vented systems, but would be far more severe with something like this. One box had WAY more insulation in it than the other. Other than this, the highs are bright and strident, the bass is sloppy and uncontrolled while lacking pitch and definition. I think you get the idea. As with anything else in audio though, let YOUR ears be the judge. Sean >
Well, I have quite the opposite opinion than most. I have had several of the Legacy products, and currently have Focus mains and Silver Screen center, being fed by Levinson and Classe elecronics. I have found no other speaker that has the midrange accuracy and tonal purity that the Focus have. I have listened intently to a lot of speakers, always looking for something that I like better and have found nothing that I want to lay down more $$$ for. This weekend I had the opportunity to spend several hours auditioning the Nautilus 801, and I took away the same opinion that I have the big Thiels, Avalons, Genesis, Von Schweikert (not even in the same league) and Magnepan MG 20s, great speakers but don't have the tonal accuracy and midrange clarity that my Focus have. The Watt/Puppy's are stellar in comparison to most, but did not blow the Focus away, and needed the Wow subwoofer to compete in the bass department, which puts them in the $25,000 category. I still want to listen to the Eggleston Andra's, Dunlavy V and VI's, and Avalon Eidelons to compare. One speaker, also a small relatively unknown, Wisdom Audio, has a great sounding speaker, for a (large room) but is a three piece design that really needs bi or even tri-amped with big solid state amps. They also run $25,000 but for that they will deliver and set them up at your place. Back to the Focus, the soundstage is a little small, compared to some, in terms of height, but have all the depth and extension beyond the speakers that the recording should have. The bass is not at all muddy, unless the room can't support it (i.e. flimsy walls and floors) or the amp isn't able to handle the EMF. The workmanship is better on their Classic and Signature III lines in my opinion than on the Focus, which has always bothered me a little. I bought the Steradian after owning them for several years and can say that it may clean up the upper bass a little, but definitely not worth $1295, I paid only $795 since I had purchased the Focus from them. I haven't had the opportunity to listen to the Whispers since they were just prototypes, but have a hard time justifying that kind of $$ unless they are worth the extra $$ in sound, in this case over $7000 more. I haven't found a speaker in the $5000 category that is their equal, but I'm always on the look out for them. If you live in Springfield, go and talk with Bill Duddleston and audition them. Since you live there I'm sure he would let you audition them in your home, and see for yourself. Like any piece of equipment, only your ears can tell you if you like it or not. Then let us know what you think.
To those who checked in expressing their joy of owning Legacy speakers, I say wonderful! It's great you love what yoy have. Never let anyone say you're wrong. In my experience, I have been disappointed by Legacy. I once auditioned a used pair. They didn't do anything for me, so I passed. Almost 10 years later, I attended one of their "auditions" in Allentown, PA. A gala event, with many in attendance. Great food, wine, people, etc. Again, I felt nothing. Again, I passed. On the way home, I stopped off at the Stereo Trading Outlet, bought the speakers I auditioned a week before, and have been living in paradise ever since. I'd been looking for(and auditioning) speakers for a LONG time. I really wanted to love Legacy, but perhaps like Carver, they sounded better on paper than in reality.
Legacy is as good as it gets! I heard "classic's" with Vac avatar (another product bashed by "quasy-audiophiles")tube integrated. You are wasting your time listening anybody's "advice", especialy i8f you have an oportunity, yo hear it yourself.
Hey Trelja, could you drop me an email. I'd like to compare some notes with you. Sean >