Hard-drive audio playback of digital recordings

The reason I'm posting these question in this "Analog" forum is because I only want to hear from people with excellent analog setups (vinyl or tape).

Do the best hard-drive audio systems come closer to analog than the best CD players?

Some of the bands that I like now sell, via the internet, uncompressed files created from the digital master recording.
My hunch is that the analog copy (vinyl LP) of the digital master will still sound better. I can't say for sure, however, since I have no experience with high-end hard-drive audio and I'd like to hear from those who do.
[I'm basing my hunch on my experience: an analog copy (vinyl LP) of a digital master sounds better than any optically-based digital copy (CD, SACD, DVD-A) of that digital master.]

If analog copies of digital recordings still sound better, why not make our own analog copies (reel-to-reel) from the digital master (file purchased over the internet) and avoid the chance of purchasing a bad pressing?
Exlibris, to my ears the best hard drive audio systems better the best CD players.( ReQuest, Spoiler, etc.) However, at least for classical big orchestral music I still prefer vinyl. Wished it weren't so. As Albert Porter pointed out in another thread: The digital revolution has not arrived so far until high resolution downloads will be available.