Led Zeppelin IV vinyl

I just listened to my new copy of Led Zeppelin IV (vinyl) and wanted to see what anyone else has to say about the sound quality. It sounded pretty good but since I don't own the CD nor an older album to compare it to, I can't tell if it's lacking in any way.
I have own both and the vinyl makes the cd sound like an mp3.

Now I don't think it's the best produced Zepplin album. Jimmy Page spent way too much time in the studio trying to perfect the album and honestly I think he screwed up the mix. In my opinion Zeppelin II sounds the best.
Houses of the Holy is the best sounding of the original pressings.

Can't speak to any of the reissues.
I agree that the CD versions sound absolutely horrible. I own the 200 gram Classic Records reissues of II, IV, and Physical Graffiti. They all sound phenomenal, but I'd have to say that Physical Graffiti sounds the best. But I've heard some of the original pressings, and they alone blow the CDs out of the water.
Original Physical Graffiti sounds excellent, as does II, the classic reissue III also sounds very good, HOH is OK but the original IV does not sound good....it's rough.....but ya gotta have it!
By the way don't be surprised to see Pagey remater and re-issue all of the old Zep albums.

Mothership should give all of us Zep fans an idea of how they will sound.

P.S. Kmulkey get all of the Classic Records re-issues while you can. Page has stopped them from producing any more copies. Which is why I think he is going to re-issue his own versions.
Thanks folks for all the input.
Regarding the original issue vinyl, how did you find a good sounding one? I remember back in the day being constantly frustrated that the albums sounded like the guy that pressed them was smoking a cigarette and got the ashes all over them. Horrible stuff.
Agree with Jlambrick. No two records sound alike in vinyl--there can be significant differences between copies of their 1970s work. Atlantic records was not known from "quality" vinyl during the period. British copies generally sound better than the domestic copies of the earliest albums (1 to 3). US copies were great after 1974. Their popularity caused the plants to run overtime to meet initial demand so production was varied. I have heard nice copies of the original work (the really great ones smoke) and I would agree that II, IV and Physical Graffiti have moments of master tape quality on the best copies.

Most of the re-issues play to the middle ranges (guitar and vox) although Classic did a great job with II.

IMHO: Very hard to collect--most vintage records are pretty beat up from overuse. Many lack solid bass or quiet surface noise that usually drives the best copies. You may wish to wait to the reissues coming in the Fall.
The best I have are the Classic 45's reissue from the box set & the regular reissue. I also think the 180g is sounds better than the 200g. Then it's the Japanese import original release and also the later releases, the vinyl from there was much better at the time. Followed by the UK & Holland. Last is the US release. IMHO.
I haven't listened to it for a while but my old pressing of Led Zep IV is the thickest piece of vinyl I think I've ever seen.