Leben 600 with Omega Super 6 or Super 8

I am in process of picking the LEBEN-600.
Since i cant make my B&Ws run with this lovely amp with nostalgic looks, i have been looking for single drivers.

So its either the Super 6 XRS or Super 8 XRS for me.

Shall be a pleasure to hear from friends, who know the signature of both Super 6 XRS & Super 8 Alnico XRS.

I have a room size of 12x12 for now BUT will be moving the set up to a living room of dims - 30x30 approx.


1) Does the sonic signature differ for both Super 6 XRS & Super 8 XRS.

2) I am looking for a larger soundstage (as anyone else) with an enveloping sound. Need to know the ideal/optimal room sizes for both of these speakers.

3) I am presuming that LEBEN 600 shall be ideal for either.
A few comments.

First, while the Leben CS600 is an excellent amplifier, buying an amp before buying/choosing speakers is going about the process backward.

Second, selecting any speaker without hearing it first is a major mistake...perhaps near the top of the list of the biggest mistakes one can make when assembling an audio system.

Third, I am highly doubtful either Omega loudspeaker is going to sufficiently fill a 30x30 foot room (depending of course on how loudly you listen).

For the sound you desire (large, enveloping soundstage), I recommend buying speakers that can be placed in the corners of the room. This positioning creates a stunningly wide image. Maybe the Omega speakers can be placed this way. I don't know. Audio Note AN-E series speakers are intended to be placed in corners, and they would certainly be driven well by the Leben amplifier.

Another speaker to consider, but one I have not heard, is the new Devore Fidelity Orangutan the speaker on the far left. I'm not sure if these are yet released as a production model.
The Leben and Omegas sound wonderful together. You might want to call Louis at Omega and try both for yourself. He is a great guy to work with.
I have owned the Omega Super 8 Alnico XRS for a few months now. They are powered by a Bedini 25/25 and easily fill the room they are in, which is approximately 12' x 18'.

I was curious how they would sound in my main listening room, which is 14' x 25' with 8 foot ceilings, so I did the drill. First I ran the Omegas in the main room with the Bedini and the Quicksilver linestage, both also moved to this room to keep the playing field more or less level. The room was not a challenge at all for the Omegas. Before I moved the Omegas back to their normal room, I hooked them up to my reference gear in the main room, which includes a Luxman MQ-88 and a Shindo Masseto. In a word - Wow!
@ Ballan
I thought to pay a visit to Louis, but the US embassy didnt find my reason concrete to grant me Visa to see Louis. phew! We do so much for Audiophilia ;)
*just kidding bro. Am from India.

Those points, make a lot of sense and quite sanely so. Thanks.

These mistakes are usually committed when you get ur eyes laid on equipment, audition of which not possible. Since neither of these were available hence i was left with no choice but to discuss with friends in here and on - www.theAudiophile.net

But i personally have picked amps first and then heard speakers, just cause it was portable for me to take the amp to friends and shops who could permit me listening to the speakers with my piece of metal. Thats how i cud instantly pick an 805S for my smaller room.

For the 30X30 room, listening zone shall be 22x15. On the speaker audition it does make sense n i shall go that way, with all thats available indeed, yet just wanted to understand better and to meet a few who - didnt like Omegas and for what reason.

@ Musica
Thanks for sharing your experience in detail. Does give a perspective.

What other speakers do u have?
How wud u rate the true holographic soundstage(if u get that), considering best positioning of the Omegas. Kindly rate it out of 10.

Best wishes
Besides the Omegas, I have DeVore Silverbacks, Sonus Faber Guarneri Mementos, and Verity Fidelio Encores and Taminos. Also Alon Petite's and Rega R1's in minor systems.

The Omegas throw an excellent holographic soundstage in my system. A solid 9 out of 10.
Thats quite assuring and impressive!

Thanks for taking time to share ur experience musica.

Appreciate it.
Thats quite assuring and impressive!

Thanks for taking time to share ur experience musica.

Appreciate it.

Tvad made some good pointe except for suggesting you choose the speakers first. Your approach of amp first then speaker is just as valid. The point is ultimately proper speaker/amp matching. If for example you decided to go SET/OTL amps you would find a suitable speaker. Conversely if you went with a horn or say a planar speaker you`d then look for a suitable amplifier. DIfferent starting point but same result, what came first the chicken or the egg?
Best of luck
DIfferent starting point but same result...
Charles1dad (Threads | Answers | This Thread)

If the OP can starts with the Leben CS600, then his system will sound differently depending on whether he opts for the Omega, Audio Note, Devore Audio, or other speaker. The end result will not be the same at all.

Speakers affect a system's overall sound to the greatest degree. There is no other element of a system that is so sensitive to owner preference.

This is the reason why it's recommended that one select a speaker first, and then match an appropriate amplifier.
Spot on Charles,
We are as correct as TVAD, he has been kind enuf to point things out. Which i quite a gesture.

I have faced people intentionally misleading myself and also others for their personal benefits or plain simple jealousy. So it feels nice to hear from sane souls and to know that gooddness prevails.

Anyway, shall love to invite anyone willing to share experience on www.theAudiophile.net , it shall be great to have open minds like you all with intention to share and push good hi-fi sensibility. Hope to see some of you there, The forum is supported by Cardas & Vipera cables (Denmark) for now.

P.S. In the meantime i heard from someone here who is to quote me for Assembled Wavac kit with 300B's + custom single driver speakers. Shall share details.
@ Tvad
While you amay not be incorrect, i feel that it was easy for me to move around with my amp than a tower speaker to various shops for auditions.

While my way could work for me, I am just another audiophile with another opinion to just listen the opinion of, but do what one feels is right.

Ideally, i would prefer to switch both amp and speakers with options available, if i am at a huge hifi shop to audition.
Whatever works for you, Trehansid. My point was that the end result of matching speaker to amp rather than amp to speaker is not only not always the same...but is often different.

Shopping for speakers is not easy. That's something on which we can all likely agree.
Charles1dad, given a scenario where someone will ultimately select easy-load speakers and a tube amplifier to drive them, then it's quite possible the end result would be the same.

I understand your point.

The difference largely arises if someone might prefer a more difficult-to-drive loudspeaker. In this scenario, choosing an amp like the Leben CS600 (or one of many other tube amplifiers) would prove limiting, and might very well preclude the use of a speaker the shopper might have otherwise selected had the amplifier not already been purchased.
In my many varied experieces I`ve found that the power amps can impact the character of a system as much as a speaker change. For instance substitute a SS class AB amp with a DHT type be it SET or PP, very very different!
The above discussion is of tremendous value to all. Although I agree with Tvad that choosing speakers first is best when possible, the simple fact is, the OP already has one hell of an amp in the Leben 600, and will have many excellent, conmpatible speakers, e.g., DeVore, Omega, etc., etc., to choose from.

Trehansid - Please keep us apprised your speaker quest progress. And if you do happen to hear John DeVore's Orangutan speakers with your Leben or another (preferably) tube amp, please let us know your impressions!

Enjoy the process!
For instance substitute a SS class AB amp with a DHT type be it SET or PP, very very different!
Charles1dad (Threads | Answers | This Thread)
Indeed. However this is predicated upon the speaker being of a design that will allow the use of SS Class AB, SET or PP tube amp.

What if the speaker won't accommodate a SET tube amp? Then, the owner's amplifier options become limited.

Depending on the speaker selection, the ability to use a PP, SET or SS Class AB amp may not be available. Hence the recommendation to choose a speaker first, thus allowing a greater flexibility of amplifier topology if desired.
@ Musica
Devore, may not ever happen.

But i shall certainly keep ye friends updated.

Ballan, TVAD, Charles, Musica
..Thanks brothers.

Guys a little away from topic.
But how do we compare the sound of -

Ayon Triton
Leben 600

Leaving the Bass apart, which one have you heard, throw bigger soundstage.

*I have heard some friends pointing me to go for Leben 600 only, for musicality.

**Other few friends believe Triton would be a better all rounder with may be 5-10% fall in "clarity", compared to Leben600.

Pls advise when you can.

Many thanks