Leads on mid-1960's Siemens NOS CCa 6922 tubes

I read that the Siemans CCa 6922 tubes are THE tubes to have in my DK amp. I've poked around the web and have found some but at some steep-to-insane prices. ($350.OO per tube seems nuts to me)I dunno, you guys tell me, what's "reasonable" and where can I buy them? I prefer NOS. Wishful thinking? Newbee at this stereo stuff. Thanks guys!
Upscale Audio has them starting at $250 ea. This is one of the best places to buy tubes from. Sometimes the prices are not the best but the quality and reliability is.

There are so many tubes, both NOS and non-NOS out there. If you are careful and patient you will find tubes that fit your concept of sound. First you should have a clear mental picture of the sound you want to hear - or think you want to hear - and proceed from there.
Check out this site "joe's tube lore":

"Joe" gives his opinion on so many NOS tubes. (I think his opinion is pretty darned close.) You'll be able to get a sence of where you should begin your search. Remember - there are some current production tubes which you might find acceptable too.

I'm sure the tube troops, here at the 'Gon are lining up to offer you their sage advice. Pay attention, be patient, and most of all - have some fun with it.

BTW - $700 for a pair of tubes? Yes - that's insane. :-)
good luck.

I have five pair (ten) of these NOS tubes and I think I can spare a set at MUCH less than the price you quoted (less than half). E-mail me off line if you are interested.

Well, below is a link to a pair at EBAY for 106.78 each, using the "buy it now" option. You might bid and win at much less than that.

I bought a quad of these tubes from a guy in Germany about a month ago on EBAY for $56.00 each. Quite a bit less than your $350.00 each quote. I think you need to shop a bit before paying that much.

Ebay Siemens
I tried the late 60's CCa in my DK (this is different that the early 60's CCa) and some other NOS and newer tubes. Myself as well as others that have heard all the tubes in mine prefer the JJ (ABout $20). This whole process took several months. Email me if you would like to borrow some of these for tryout.
These should provide a similar sound at much less cost. They were recommended by Chris Johnson at Partsconnexion:

Be very careful about these tubes. I've purchased three pair that went bad within weeks. They became highly microphonic, and two pair popped/crackled. Two were from a very reputable dealer, who afterwards decided that his entire batch must be bad. The first pair came from an Audiogon seller who has a lot of very good feedback. He refunded only 1/4 of my money. Sorry to rain on your parade, but you should know the pitfalls of the NOS tube market before venturing down that path. Be clear, I'm a big proponent of NOS tubes. You just have to know what you're buying, and from whom.
Thank you one and all. I have some angles to think about and avenues for more researching. You "goners" are f_cking too cool. What goes round....!