Lampizator Atlantic?

There has been some discussion of this new offering from Lampizator on other audio sites, but nothing much here that I have seen. Has anyone heard it? Any impressions?
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I just received mine last Thursday and have about 75 hrs on it.  Very nice sound, I like it better than my Luxman

Thanks for sharing, bugman03. I am surprised by the lack of discussion of the Atlantic here, but perhaps that will change as more people like you and me continue to buy them. There is a bit more discussion on other high end forums (Audio Circle and Audio Shark, to name a couple for those who might be interested).

Did you order yours stock, or go for any of the upgrades?

I ordered mine over the weekend with the tube rectifier and USB Superclock upgrades. Really looking forward to hearing it! For those of us who love the Lampizator sound but can't quite swing a Golden Gate, this just might be exactly what we are looking for. Time will tell.
I called the importer and ordered it.  I did not know of upgrades at the time I ordered 5 or 6 weeks ago.  I will contact the importer and find out.  Oh boy, I might have to send mine back for the upgrades.  I have about 120 hrs now and it getting much better than a few days ago!  I think that the Golden Gate might sound a litter warmer but I don't believe it will be 4X better.  The Atlantic has a large soundstage, great clarity and micro detail and it is emotionally engaging.  I might get too lazy and never get up and play vinyl again.  Too bad, I have a great and expensive analog system.  I hope you enjoy your Atlantic as much as I am enjoying mine.
The early reviews have been very positive, and I believe most of those were reviews on the stock version you have. I don't think some of the upgrades became available until a bit later. It sounds as if you might just be pretty happy with the Atlantic as it is. I love your description of its presentation, which is more or less just what I am looking for. I had the Big Six and really found it to be emotionally engaging as well. I foolishly sold it and regretted it almost immediately, but I am looking forward to seeing how the Atlantic compares. That Lampi sound is mesmerizing and addictive, methinks.
bugman03, how does the sound differ from the Luxman?
The Atlantic has a larger soundstage, the background is quieter, has more micro detail information, the sound of each musical instrument is clearly heard (separation) on good recordings and they sound a little holographic, not quite as warm as the Luxman DA-06, sounds more like real music and is emotionally engaging IMHO. So, to my ears the sound of the Atlantic is very crystal clear with no brightness or grain at all.  I can sit and listen for a long time like I can with my analog setup.  I was going to get a Lampy Golden Gate but I am glad I got talked into the Atlantic.  It is a great value.

Apparently, 6moons will do a review shortly as well.

Taken from a post on another forum:

Just to be clear, this demo Atlantic is souped up option-wise.
No preamp/remote option, BUT everything else for a SE dac!

Tube recti - Check (5c3 soviet)
Separate chipless DSD option - Check
Superclocked USB - Check (though not sure if just for 44.1khz family or also includes 48hz family)
Dual voltage switchable - check.

Physical comparison to the GG dac
The case weighs little comparatively, its the BIG iron underneath...chokes/transformers/power supplies, etc.

I picked up the units from the home of some pretty elderly friends and even they said the box, though huge, was light! Its true, its a double box and the inner box is tiny compared to the outer one. The GG weighs probably 3 times as much!

Anyone who knows Lampi knows that there are no fluff parts in any of his devices, quite the opposite. His philosophy is to jettison anything absolutely not necessary. Simplest signal path is best...that is his key design mantra.

B7/GG weighs THAT much because he went ballistic on the power supply design. The Atlantic is by comparison, just "significantly overspecified". He hit a sweetspot of SQ vs modest componentry with the Atlantic and that makes it a superb value. The GG is a more a "no holds barred" approach, but within the bounds of "sanity". No substitute for "big iron" though.

First listen

Very first impression:
The Atlantic is physically like a "toy" compared to the GG. Its about half the volume and 1/3rd the weight.

The GG is like the weight of a decent monoblock while the Atlantic is more like the weight of a relatively robust CD player. Clearly, the power supply in the GG is 2 to 3 orders of magnitude more hefty and (I assume) refined.

I just played a few tracks via CD transport and I really do like what I hear. Mind you, with the Atlantic being so light and easily manhandled, I started off with the 2nd hand Shun Mooks I bought from someone in Canada, so maybe that was not the wisest course for an evaluation. I have not used the SMs before on the GG.

This comment is pretty useless as I have not been using the system for a couple weeks (auditory memory faulty and all those diclaimers, yadda yadda), but the Atlantic (with Soviet 5c3 recti) did strike me as a bit more SS in that the highs were extended and crisp, but still retained the midrange lushness. I think this may be a supreme bargain from Lampi and a great intro to their Dac range....but I would say its a suped-up street car that kicks the butt of most anything street legal, while the GG is a Formula ONE beast with all the ability to fine tune to the extreme...all the Tools needed to gain access to the podium. Kinda like Ferrrai where the Enzo/La Ferrari are supreme road supercars, but would be crushed by the Formula one car that Vettel drives. Very preliminary, so take with a grain of salt.

Has anyone heard both the Big 7 and Atlantic? I’d be interested in hearing a comparison between the two DACs.
Is the "chipless DSD" section of the Atlantic considered R2R?  I'd thought that R2R only applied to PCM.

The Basic Atlantic is R2R PCM AND DSD. Chipless DSD512 can be added as an option.

Mike at Audioshark has BOTH the B7 and Atlantic in house, but just sent off the B7 for an upgrade. He says nothing under $10K touches the Atlantic.

Is the volume control in digital or analog domain?

Is the architecture (R2R ...) the same between SE and Balanced EXCEPT balanced is 2X SE?
The answer to my questions is analog and yes.

Local dealer is waiting delivery on an Atlantic and has a GG for comparison.   He's using a Mojo music server so should be interesting.

Does anyone know when the 6moons review will appear?

I'm waiting on delivery as well, probably still a couple of weeks out. The reviews and feedback on the Atlantic so far are certainly encouraging, to say the least. I'll be using mine with an Aurender X100L.

Just a few questions if you'll indulge me.
i have been looking for a used Audio Note Dac because I love the non oversampling R2R sound. With none available for quite sometime I've switched interest to the Lampizator dacs.
1. Can anyone tell me where the Atlantic fits in the Lamp lineup quality and sound wise? Above the 4 and below the L7, above the L7 or even above the B7?
2. What difference would a rectifier tube make in the sound quality?
3. Do the lower models have the same sound signature of the upper models? 
4. Not sure if anyone has any experince with Audio Note dacs but curious if they have the same organic texture to the sound?
Thank you.

Hi jb505,
sorry no one saw this yet. I'll give it a try...
1) pricing should reflect the product order but I believe your first example is it.
2) check out the Atlantic discussion over on Audio Shark for answers to this one.
3) there is definitely a 'house sound' to Lampizator DACs. I'll leave the description of it to someone else but read reviews and search for other discussions and you may be able to glean more on this. 
4) can't help here. Didn't even know Audio Note made DACs. 

Hope that helps you some to make your decision. 

Hi Guys,

I came across the Lampizator DAC recently while looking for great DSD DACs which I think Lampizator specializes in, and then he has now made thee R2Rs DACs. Any new updates regards the Atlantic ? Is PCM playback as good as DSD ? I heard from reviews that DSD is the main thing and PCM is not as impressive.