lamm ml 2.1 amplifier art audio px25 amplifier

lamm ml 2.1 amplifier art audio px25 amplifier

I would be happy if someone has previous experiences with art audio px 25 se amplifier and lamm ml 2.1 se (18 watts)

-what is the main differences between these two at musical and dinamic level ? ( not considering potency degree)

-at the level of timbres and performancwe on the midrange ?

THANKS you for your cooperation
What speakers are you going to be driving?
What do you have currently that you like and what do you not like about it?

The Lamm ML 2.1 uses the russian tube, the 6C33. This has been popular with bat and joule electra and others. I think the tube has a dark sonic signature. The PX 25 sound is warmer and less mechanical with more spacious sound. You might also consider the deHavilland iso, either the 845 or the gm-70 tube. I am a dealer for them but don't let that keep you from looking at their website and reading all the juicy reviews. Good luck. By the way the gm-70 that deHavilland sells for 10K for a pair is the same tube that lamm uses on their ml3 and sells for 136K. Pretty high praise for that tube.
Thank you guys for your answers.

Reponding to Cytocycle the speaker Sarastro 2 Verity Audio, but a modified version.

Verity Audio Sarastro 2 Loudspeakers
Description: Three-way, floorstanding loudspeaker.
Drive-units: 2" ribbon tweeter, 6" mineral-loaded polypropylene-cone midrange unit,
11" polypropylene-cone woofer.
Crossover frequencies: 150Hz, 5.5kHz.
Frequency range: 25Hz–60kHz. Sensitivity: 93dB/2.83V/1m.
Nominal impedance: 4 ohms.

Price: $29,995/pair.

Sarastro 2 as a model Lohengrin II Loudspeakers associated to the excellent Lamm ML3sig
I have listened to it for a long time at the festival of sound 2008 at montreal.

Part 1 - 2008 FSI - Festival Son et Image
Verity Audio Sarastro 2 (4,50 min video )

the sound produced but Sarastro 2 with AYRE monoblocks and Edgar dac scarlatti was good ,detailed and dynamic, but the registry acute extreme of sarastro 2 produced tweeter Raven
1 was easily exagrtated.
Personally I prefer the tweeter in dome.

For this reason and its high cost of this speaker I have decided to take some elements of sarastro 2 to build a speaker that respond a lot more to my personal taste.

For the tweeter i have decided to use ScanSpeak Revelator Ring Radiator R2904_700000

R2904/700000 1" ring radiator tweeter. This is Scan-Speak's latest entry into the rarified supertweeter field, visually impressive with its long, needle-like phase plug.
Also, as seen clearly in the FR graph, this unit should never be crossed over too low. In this sense, this is the high-end equivalent of the Vifa XT25. All reports so far indicate that in a good design, its performance is superb.

Note: The R2904/7000, along with the AccutonC223/6, Hiquphon OW I/II/III, Human 002, Morel MDM33, and the Alison Acoustics 4010203 are considered by many to be the ultimate electrodynamic tweeters.

This tweeter has already been used in the speaker diablo of the Peak Consult Perspective
Peak Consult Perspective for El Diablo

combined to the drivers audio high tech ,this twiter gives a good result in its sound.

By the midrange and woofer I would use the drives Audio Technology which uses sarastro 2
possibly midrange = Audio Technology C-Quenze 18H52 17 06 SD 4W
and woofer = Audio Technology 10 C 102 25 10 4W acording to a French forum.

speaker 3 drivers = Monitor ALAMBIC
tweeter = fountek JP3
midrange = Audio Technology C-Quenze 18H52 17 06 SD 4W
woofer = Audio Technology 10c102 25 10 f=1055&t=29820792

the price of the drivers area close 3k.

For Crossover I prefer a Crossover active,...possible the DEQX Calibrated™ HDP-3.0 Preamp Model ...

which is good for a system tri-ampliflied
The tweeter would have been ampliflied by the art audio px25 amplifier due to this amplifier has given me good results in my system.

Actually my speaker totem model 1 are bi-amplified;
the woofer-midranger is amplified by metaxas iraklis 50w a good but not an extraordinary amp transistor.

the tweeter is amplified by art audio px25 monoblocks amplifier
this election was made due to the fact the registry acute by pais px25 monoblocks amplifier even though with a tweeter of medium quality SEAS 25TAFC/G aluminum Dome = 60US produced a magic spacious sound like Sounds_real_audio put it....
added to to richness toanl but of a different character to listen to the exception system Lamm ml3 sig associated to a speaker lohengrin 2 with a tweeter Raven 1.(us 250)

It may be due to the fact that pais px25 tube has an expectional performance in the registry acute as to the excellent transformer output of the pais art audio px25 amplifier

art audio px25 amplifier
Frequency Response:
9Hz to 60KHz at full rated power

Frequency Response
at 1 Watt into 16 Ohms @ rated line voltage: (0, -3dB) 8.5 Hz - 32 KH

This experience showed me that bi-amplification or tri-amplification it could be built a sonoro musical very interesting and of great performance mixing harmoniously varios amplifiers, each to its particulat way of listening to the music.

Further my experience jadis 845 se monoblocks amplifier
Thanks to my friend i got to know the excelent jadis 845 se monoblocks amplifier,this excellent amplifier conducts the music in an elegant way and with very good refinment ..
it reminds me to the well known flute player Maxence Larrieu due to his elegant and harmonious way of listening to his music.

Maxence Larrieu

Among these musical parameters jadis 845 se monoblocks amplifier seemed to be better to the exceptional Lamm ml 3sig amplifier due to its elegant and fine musical atributes.
My question is concerning lamm ml 2.1 as an indepent to its capacity to know the personality of this excelent amplifier taking pais px25 amplifier as a frame of reference.

It would be interesting if owners of lamm ml 2.1 Wavac EC300B Finest 300b Coincident M300B Frankenstein mk2 Wyetech Labs Topaz 211 Morrow Audio 300B1S Reference
Soul 30w Series 2 Mono Amps could let us know the character and qualities of the amplifiers and compare to one another.

thank you for your help and i will welcome your comments on my observations.
Please be aware that sounds real is both an Art Audio and deHavilland retailer.

This information, in the interest of proper ethics and professionalism, must be disclosed when a dealer recommends his/her products.

The post is tainted.
Dear friend Bill!

..I am very happy to be in touch with you again.
..Wish you a happy new year as well..and thank you for your great patience, professionalism.

I bought a PX-25 amplifier from you, and let me tell you that I am quite satisfied with this system,..and it has become my new baby!.
I will ask if possible if you could give your opinion concerning Tom Evans Linear 1 amplifier.

Can this be compared at the musical level to the PX-25 amplifier to amplify the registry midrange??.

..I really thank you for your info and and I will be waiting for your answer!!
references to my last articles
ref; Dear friend Bill!

correction; change Tom Evans Linear A amplifier.