lambchop fans out there

Kurt's new project Kort is very good and stands next to some great timeless music. Sounds killer on cd . I'm a sucker for that old twang. Great songs done the good old fashion way.
Is a Women was one of my biggest surprises in the last few years.

It's a cd I can play over and over and never reach for the remote to switch between tunes.

Are any of their other releases as good ?
Is a Woman is their best IMO (despite what allmusic says) I do not care for the others near as much

will look into Kort...
Whoops sorry, thought this was about Shari Lewis...
I'm with Theo- I remember the real lamb chop.
I hope you guys do not make fun of the new group Kermit!

Maybe Lamb Chop will handle vocals for Kermit! Supergroup!
Never heard but certainly would digest if properly cooked:-)
They could name the supergroup "hand to hand"
I also like Treasure Chest of the Enemy. Good, though Is a Woman is his best (IMO).