Kuzma 4 Point Tonearm

I am thinking of purchasing the Kuzma 4 Point tonearm to mount on a TechDas lll Premium TT.  I have read every review I could find but would like to hear from anyone who actually uses one.  Please share your experiences in set up and use.  One final note I have considered the 9” version but like the ease of changing VTA on the 4 Point.  
gpgr4, that is exactly what I have found. A blank wall. I have one retailer who is supposed to be posing the question to Dohmann. I'll let you know if I find out anything.
The current table uses reflex clamping, the next best solution.
If I had to guess, adding vacuum will change the center of mass of the table requiring a redesign of the MinusK suspension. It would make sense at that point to issue another model. 

I wanted to let you know that I have a Lyra Etna ready to be mounted on the Kuzma 4Point as soon as the TechDas lll arrives.  

Additionally, I want to thank everyone who provided their experience, thoughts, and opinions regarding the Kuzma 4Point tonearm.

Congratulations - good choice and excellent combo.  You won't be disappointed with the Kuzma 4P - I love mine.

Randy, I hope your new table provides you with a lifetime of pleasure. If you have any issue with the 4 Point feel free to message me. I know less than nothing about the TechDas. Should be a top notch performer.