Kuzma 4 Point Tonearm

I am thinking of purchasing the Kuzma 4 Point tonearm to mount on a TechDas lll Premium TT.  I have read every review I could find but would like to hear from anyone who actually uses one.  Please share your experiences in set up and use.  One final note I have considered the 9” version but like the ease of changing VTA on the 4 Point.  
I have a 4Point9 and it was a major upgrade from the Stogi S I was using.  Much more impactful sound on the same table. It simply maintains the stylus so well inside the groove. The 4 point design is genius and punches well above its cost.  While I can't change the VTA on the fly it's still quite simple with an allen key.  
I had a 4 Point on my Stabi Ref for two years. I thought it sounded very good and certainly produced a lot of detail. But over that two years I virtually stopped playing records. It was a nice sounding tonearm but I just found it a bit ... boring. I couldn’t get engaged with the music. I would play one album at most and then go back to playing digital.

This was very different to the experience with the previous tonearms I had used on the deck, including a Stogi Ref and Audio Origami PU7. I loved playing records with those arms, even though at a technical level they were inferior to the 4 Point.

Eventually I realised that the 4 Point just wasn’t working for me, so I sold it. As a temporary replacement I bought a used Alphason HR100 because it was inexpensive and was a drop in replacement. It sounded much more musical than the 4 Point, which confirmed my impression that the 4 Point was the culprit. I have since bought another Audio Origami PU7, which is considerably less expensive and offers much less adjustability, but sounds far more dynamic, engaging and musical. I am now very happy with my turntable set up.

The 4 Point is a good sounding tonearm despite my own reservations, and many people seem to be very happy with it. The ability to adjust both VTA and VTF easily and repeatably is a big plus. Aesthetically I find it quite an ugly arm, but I would have tolerated that if it sounded great. Unfortunately, for me it didn’t quite work but I seem to be in the minority so would not want to discourage you from trying one.

I should also add that I owned the 9 inch 4 Point briefly, but returned it to the dealer after a short period. I found that the 9 inch version was even less dynamic than the 11 inch version and sounded too anemic for my tastes.
This is the first that I've heard someone say that the 4 Point is ugly/boring. I guess to each his own.
Its all relative. I had a Graham 2.2, and it was a very nice arm, but when I went to the Origin Live Conqueror it was shocking how much better the Conqueror was. Shocking. Even adjusting for its much higher cost, still it was so good I am happy even today a good dozen years later. It does not have nearly the aerospace level engineering of the Graham. But the Graham does not have nearly the musically involving and compelling sound of Origin Live. I doubt many do. A good one to consider.
In fairness to Graham, most Graham-lovers have already noted that the 2.2, while certainly "good", was not in the same league as any of the later models.  Did you try any of those?  They would be more on a par with the Conqueror. (I do not own a Graham tonearm, now or ever.)
Sorry OP - post is on a tangent.  I have used the Kuzma 4P on a Kuzma table and currently on a AF Technics SP10 Mk2 and both setups have been spectacular.  I chose the 4P (11") over the 4P 9 inch arm just on the basis of the VTA tower - I didn't mind paying extra for the feature. It is considered to be one of the best tonearms under $10k.

You can email Franc Kuzma at  kuzmaltd@gmail.com who is super responsive and can answer questions you have on mating the Kuzma arm with your TechDas table.  Also, if you need an armboard, it can add cost. Thom Galibiler is another person that is very knowledgeable and a great person to talk to - his website is -

Good luck.
I really like my Origin Live arm.  Really high quality workmanship and superb sound.
I had a 4 point 14 and for low compliance cartridges like Koetsus and Air Tights. It was the nuts. Very easy to adjust, great bearing set up, proper geometry, Neutral balance. It is hard to do better. So, why did I sell it?
I needed to get all the money out of my turntables and cartridges because I plan on getting a Dohmann Helix as soon a vacuum clamping is added. I will put at least one Schroder LT on it. Have not made up my mind about the second arm but it could be a 4 point 14 or another LT or  a 12 Schroder CB. 

The 4 Point's competitors are the 12 " Schroder CB and the 12" Reed 2G.
I could go with any of these arms. Top notch designs all.
I quite enjoy my Ref 313 VTA, which is on my Stabi Ref 2. A lot less $ than the 4 Point. M. Fremer liked it a good bit, and spoke highly of it's value next to the 4 point. All personal preference of course. 
Well the reviewers ...
The main difference from them to me is, I wouldn‘t listen to any of the lame, colored „recommendations“ above even when I would get serious money for it ...
I too am waiting for Dohmann to go to a vacuum hold-down. But I did notice on the Dohmann website a number of months ago, that it no longer contains a reference in the Helix 2 description to its adaptability for  a future vacuum hold-down. I cannot seem to get an answer as to whether the vacuum holdown has been abandoned by Dohmann. It seems that Dohmann has been talking about incorporating that feature since the introduction of the Helix 1 but was unable to incorporate it in the Helix 1 or the Helix 2. Was it unworkable? Cost prohibitive? Will it take a new turntable design to effectuate the feature? 
My wait continues.
Dear @randypeck : Which cartridges do you own or which do you want to use with a new tonearm?

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
gpgr4, that is exactly what I have found. A blank wall. I have one retailer who is supposed to be posing the question to Dohmann. I'll let you know if I find out anything.
The current table uses reflex clamping, the next best solution.
If I had to guess, adding vacuum will change the center of mass of the table requiring a redesign of the MinusK suspension. It would make sense at that point to issue another model. 

I wanted to let you know that I have a Lyra Etna ready to be mounted on the Kuzma 4Point as soon as the TechDas lll arrives.  

Additionally, I want to thank everyone who provided their experience, thoughts, and opinions regarding the Kuzma 4Point tonearm.

Congratulations - good choice and excellent combo.  You won't be disappointed with the Kuzma 4P - I love mine.

Randy, I hope your new table provides you with a lifetime of pleasure. If you have any issue with the 4 Point feel free to message me. I know less than nothing about the TechDas. Should be a top notch performer.