Kubala-Sosna cables?

Does anyone have these cables in their system? If so, could you post some impressions/thoughts?
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I'm listening to them in my system this weekend. I'll see if I can give any thoughts on them. Nicely made, I can say that. The speaker cable seems to have a build similar to my NBS Omega interconnects.
I will be posting saturday July 17th in the afternoon, my experiences with the Emotion line, I have them threw out my system. Very impressive cable. All of there cabling speaker, IC's and the Power Cords are clearly world class @ a very respectfull price. I think we will be seeing the name Kubala - Sosna for a long time and the fact that it only needs 24 hours to burn in is a relief to the 200-300 hours it usually takes, Someone responded to my last thread, called Krell FPB 600 to what Tube amp, last week. The guy said that he had the latest version of the Transparent Reference SS - XL and he now is using the Kubala , Emotion. Likes them much better.
I happen to have a pair of the Fascination 1M RCAs in my system. They are in the middle of the line. I A/B them with Transparent Ultras and noticed they were more natural sounding. Transparent seems to have that "soundstage" effect which didn't really bother me until I did the comparison. I also have a Fascination powercord in the CD player and that makes a heck of a difference letting the sound come through. Kubala is a new company but their cables are really making waves in terms of their price point and how they stack up to the flagship names. Good luck
Please note my new review if you are interested. Thanks.
I added my thoughts to Rgs92's excellent review, if you're interested. Very fine cables.
200-300 hours for cable breakin?

Your joking right?

Would love to read a journal of 200-300 hours of breakin...

Can't imagine why any cable after 24 hours shouldn't be broken in personally.
Keithr, cable break-in is no joke. Some people have measured differences between identical cables where one was broken in and the other wasn't, although the equipment and the knowledge needed to do so are costly and substantial, respectively, which is one reason why the results haven't been circulated.

Depending upon materials and construction, break-in can take several hundred hours. For example, the TG Audio cables I sell take 30 days (720 hours) and sometimes a bit more to break in. TG is probably the only manufacturer who breaks in all interconnects and speaker cables, which benefits the customer. TG uses silver conductors. Others use copper or other materials, and break-in time varies.

I don't expect anyone to believe the above, but my customers and my own ears verify it. As a service I offer break-in of any interconnects people want, your choice of five days or thirty days - your only cost is shipping both ways and one your best live CDs per set.

Regarding break-in ...

Most of our cables, especially the RevolutionZ Series (Fascination-Expression-Emotion), do not require especially long break-in times.

We feel they are bascially ready to listen to out of the box; are pretty much broken-in at 24 hours; and essentially at peak performance in 48 hours.

Thank you for the interest in our cables and the kind commentary!!

Yours in Music,
I have a set of KS Facination balanced interconnects, and I would describe them as hard to fault. They don't have the acts of commission and omission that many other cables have, including higher priced ones.

I would suppose they are excellent for reviewers because they don't alter the sonics in one direction or another.

My plan is to compare the Facination with a Stealth Metacarbon, which I have now, and try the KS Emotion power cord. I've heard nothing but good things about them, particularly, naturalness and letting the music bloom.