KT 91

Are KT 91 completely interchangeable with 6550  output tubes? The KT 91 are getting as rare as hen's teeth.
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I believe like the Gold Aero KT99 it is a KT90. I also assume they are made by Ei. If so the answer is yes. I used KT90/99 in place of 6550 and KT88's.
Do they look like any of these?
These are KT 91, probably the same as KT 90.

The KT91 must really be an oddball tube number. Doing a search I couldn’t find any data sheet on it. I did find an Ebay listing for the tube. The guy says he used the 6550 settings on his B&K707 to test the tube.


I see the pair were made in Yugoslavia.
Yep, they're an odd-ball for sure.

Is there anyone out there old enough to remember going to the corner drug store to test tubes? I had such stores on all four corners, just two blocks from my house when I was a kid. Always loved tubes, still do.
The KT91's are AR branded Ei KT90's. IOW the KT90/91/99 are all the same tube. Those are some fine tubes IMO. Electro Harmonix has a KT90 along with Ming Da. Neither are even close to the Ei in terms of SQ.

That said If you are interested in Ei KT90's ideally you want the type2 or early type3. Type1 and later type3 were very unreliable. The Ei Kt90's are somewhat hard to find but since they also somewhat unknown they can be had for a good price for a vintage tube. A real sleeper of a tube. They remind me of an EL34 Midrange with much better bass and highs. Wider soundstage too.
Thanks so much. You surely know your vacuum tubes.