Tekton Electron Be

I recently purchased Tekton Electrons with Beryllium tweeters, serial numbers 1 and 2. Full review to follow in a few weeks.

Preliminary impressions : incredible detail, soundstage and dynamic sound.I upgraded from a set of Gallo 3.1 reference speakers with additional sub amp. I was considering the Sonus Olympica IIIs or Focal Sopra 2s but glad I took the 90 day trial from Tekton . Double impacts would have been too large and difficult to optimize positioning for my space.

Any questions please ask.

I am located in Las Vegas incase anybody is interested in auditioning.
Tekton is top of my speaker upgrade list. Technically, Tekton IS the list! Lol! Moab, Moab Be, Ulfberht. That's about it. Their low mass midrange approach is the first really promising new thing I've seen in years. Even better, it actually seems to work. So very keen to hear what you think.

For now though I am curious what you think about the Be upgrade. It seems to cost only a couple hundred bucks on yours but $9500 on the Moab?? Is that because they only upgraded the one tweeter on yours? Vs all of them on the Moab? (Yes I know all but one of the "tweeters" are all together really the midrange, only one of the "tweeters" is really a tweeter. Which is confusing. But you know what I mean.)
Based on a $3500 upgrade price for the Be tweeters on the Electron SE...see the link....I'm thinking the upgrade for the standard Electron is more than a couple hundred $$$....so, @jsslv...how much extra did you pay for the Be if you don't mind telling us?

List price is $3500 for Electron SE

Upgrade to Beryllium is an additional $3500.. All the tweeter units are upgraded to SB Acoustics Be tweeters but these are not the Sartori units since they are too wide for the electron cabinet. Each tweeter unit retails at Madisonsound for $299 so for 14 tweeter units , we are looking at $4200 retail !

Tekton is discounting the Electron Be from a retail price of $7000 to $6000 right now.

Right, I was mixing this up with the other parts upgrade they have. Cardas terminals, "mil spec" (whatever that means) wiring, upgraded caps, etc. The reviews I'm seeing are ranking these up there with speakers ten times the price. So many different positive reviews, including everyone here who's heard them, its almost beyond doubt by now. In fact the main questions have to do with which Tekton model matches best with which room/system, which one seems to be the best value relative to the others, just how significant are the upgrades, etc.
I auditioned close to 20 pairs of speakers going up into the $15-$20K ranges until I heard a pair of Tektons at an old friends place. I immediately thought, this is the sound I’ve been looking for. I’ve been the proud owner of a pair of Tekton Pendragons since April. Since then, I have done nothing but immensely enjoy the speakers with zero thoughts of regret whatsoever. 
Have had a pair of Tekton Moabs for three weeks now. On vacation this week and getting nothing done. If I turn on music I find it almost impossible to leave the room. The Moabs replaced a pair of Cornwall III’s. Loved the Cornwalls but the mids were muddy. No muddy mids with the Moabs. I find that the Moabs provide a better balance of tone at lower volumes. Don’t have to turn the volume nearly as high to experience the full range of sound. I did not upgrade to the BE tweeters since some reviewers reported a warmer sound with the upgrade. I’m running tube amps that already are fairly warm sounding so I saved my pocketbook and ordered stock drivers. Happy I did. Plenty warm enough without loosing high end. As others have stated the speakers do disappear into the room. The listening experience is like sitting center stage near the front. Since the tweeter is centered at ear level when seated and the midrange arrays and woofers both up and down from the tweeter, The music doesn’t feel like it’s being projected from low in a corner. The space is filled up and down as well as presenting a nice soundstage. 

Just my cent and a half. 
Thanks to Audio Doctors (Dave and Troy) for their insightful posts. I was looking at Legacy Focus SE’s. A post by Audio Doctors where they were somewhat attacked for a post where in comparing the Moabs to Focus’ stated that the Moabs were slightly warmer. I took that to mean that a $4500 pair of speakers were relatively close in sound to a $10K+ pair. I have taken their advice before and have yet to be anything but happy with choices I’ve made using insight they provided.  I have purchased from them in the recent past. Totally satisfied. 
I have the DI monitors with a Peachtree Nova 300 integrated amp and have found audio nirvana, all the rest of my gear is out in the garage.
Grateful my neighbors aren't close by and I'm sure they are too!
I think Davidten is right, He came here to visit,I might be able to fit the MOAB on my room, they will be perfect for big orchestral music, but I have to sell my ps12 then, I know the MOAB are good without having to listen to them...
I don't buy speakers to look at them. I buy speakers to listen to them. Most of the time in the dark. So a few reviewers will have to miss out on waxing poetic over inlaid multi-layer strain-relief unobtainium solid wood matrix laminated curvilinear construction. Big whoop. Always thought there were a whole lot of us missing out on great sound priced out of reach only because of the cost of over the top cabinetry. Long past time someone decided to make us listeners something to actually enjoy listening to more than looking at.

Which I would really, really like to do. Could probably get enough selling my Talon Khorus to make a pair of Moabs very doable. Sure would make for a nice Christmas present. Anyone in the Seattle area got a pair of Moab- or any other Tekton for that matter- they might like to show off for me??
Mil-spec stuff is rated to work in harsh environments like extreme heat, vibration, radiation, etc.  Not really applicable to home audio but it sounds good.
Hello JSSIts been a while since your post but I am considering ordering a pair of Electron SE. I used to have a pair of DIs but after I moved to my new house they became to large for the space. If your offer for audition is still open I’d love to check them out. BTW I am in Vegas too.Thanks. Wisty
I just had the opportunity to listen to the Electron SE with the BE tweeter array at JSSLV's home. Thank you my friend. Previously I owned a pair of basic DIs but sold them when I moved to a smaller house. These Electrons SE/BE compared very favorably to the DIs . Bear in mind that this is not a controlled observation due to the different rooms and electronics but the Electrons SE as compared to the DIs seemed smoother with superior tonal balance and far more adept at reproducing every tiny nuance from the recording. In general a more hi-end sound. Just like the DI the Electrons throw an expansive soundstage with basement low bottoms. The low end may not be as massive as the DIs but its deep, tight and plenty impactful. My bottom line opinion is that the  Electron SE is a significantly better sounding speaker. I wish I could also listen to the Electron SEs with the standard tweeter array for a comparison but the  array with the Beryllium tweeter is absolutely remarkable . Again thanks to JSSLV for allowing me to listen to his set.

I am looking at these speakers for my moderate size listening area. Would like to keep costs down so would prefer to keep costs down so would prefer to forego the extras. But if it is felt that they are absolutely necessary to get great sound and reliability from these speakers I might change my mind.