Krell KBX crossover.

I was doing some reading on the Krell KBX crossover and was really interested in finding one for my speakers which are B&W Matrix 800s. I am running a Krell FPB 600 with Krell B&W baf ( bass alignment filters, balanced). ARC Ref 6. Are the Krell KBX only used when bi or tri amping? Also what sonic advantages would the KBX bring to my speakers. Thanks in advance. 
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The KBX is a superb crossover.  I am using one with my biamped Divas.  Unfortunately, modifying the crossover frequency and slope is difficult since Krell has no documentation.  I have information for the B&W 801 speaker so if you are able to find a KBX and the crossover of the 801 is the same as your 800 you are welcome to the info.

I have Martin Logan Monolith III Speakers.  I went from the  passive crossover to a Martin Logan RCA input/output electronic crossover, then to the Krell KBX crossover that had the necessary wave shaping circuitry for the Monolith III speakers.

A huge difference and much better.  Excellent fully discrete crossover with external power supply.  If you can find one that as built for your specific speakers, go for it.  You will really enjoy it.

I upgraded the woofers to the Peerless woofers and with my system, it is outstanding.  one thing. The Krell KBX crossover does not have a power on/off switch.  It is always on.

Years ago, I found a strong electronic burning smell in my house.  Some components within the Krell unit were burning.  I reversed engineered the design and discovered the failing parts.  But, today I unplug the crossover and plug it in when I turn all my other equipment on for listening.

I've learned my lesson.  I no longer leave my equipment on.  I turn it on about an hour before serious listening.

Anyway, you won't find a better crossover.


Oh, and by-the-way, I'm also using the Audio Research REF 6 pre-amp in my system and the Krell KBX matches very well with the REF 6.

If you can find one designed for your speakers, grab it.


I also have the BAF’s and I have been hunting for a KBX for the B&W’s for about 6 years, no luck yet.....

You're Lucky, I have one for sale B&W 800 ;-)
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