Krell FPB-300 vs FPB-300c ??

What are the differences between these two Krell's? Are they sonically similar?
I really doubt it. Krell is not one to introduce a new model without making improvements.

I went from a fpb 300 to the 400cx and was really impressed with the overall improvement.
I heard both of this amps the FPB 300c is much better
I can listen to the 300c longer.Trust Ken he knows
The only real difference is that I know of is that the "c" has CAST inputs that can only be utilized with a preamp with CAST outputs.
Rwwear is correct. But psycologically the newer model may sound better.

(it is a different story with the 400)
Drrdiamond, What's the different story with the 400? Could you elaborate? Thanks.
With the 400, there was more done to the amp than just the addition of the cast.
The sound is better, but how much is very debatable.

I have elected to stay with the 300 and take advantage of an aftermarket PC, which you can't do with the 400 without voiding the warrantee. Probably the best sonic result would be from an altered 400 with an aftermarket PC.

So what's the difference between 300c and 300cx??
The "c" is an FPB 300 with CAST inputs The "cx" is what used to be a 200c but the new technology that Krell has developed allows 100 more watts per channel from their amps. Their smallest class A amp is now the 300cx. What was their 300 watt amp is now 400 watts. The 600c is now a 700cx. Owners of earlier models can have them updated and gain 100 watts per channel. Owners of earlier designs that have removable power cords can have their cake and eat it to by upgrading.
Wow. 300c does sound like a sweet one to get !!! I am glad I didn't jump on a 300cx; not that it is not good but the fact that it's 200 design didn't quite entice me.
Rwwear is correct. Other than the 'cast' technology and the faceplate design, there was no difference between the fpb 300 and the 300c models. The cx upgrade, however, IS different. I own the upgraded 300cx. Sonically, the Krell cx models are more open sounding and less 'dark' than the earlier fpb's. And, if you want to be 'enticed', then you should definitely buy the 700cx. If you just want great sound, then match the size amp to the size room and speakers you have.
Having owned a FPB 200 for a few years and now a new 400cx I can definitely say that the new Krell is improved over the old sound. Compared to to the 200 the sound is more open with better bass extension and control. The new amp seems to be more dynamic and open across the spectrum with more life. The top end is better as well and not so shut in. I also noticed more detail and transparency with the new amp. Stuff is floating out of the recording that I just did not notice before.