Krell Evolution 400e’s or 600e’s in Black for Sale?

Hello All,

I’m looking for a pair of Krell Evolution 400e’s or 600e’s in black, for sale.

I prefer the potential seller be in the continental US due to shipping.

Must be “e” series and must be black. Not interested in non “e” series and/or silver.


You will probably have a hard time finding this as black models are extremely rare!  It's easier to find silver models of these amplifiers.  Even so, you might be waiting a year or more for one of these silver models to come up for sale.  I think I saw a pair of 400e for sale last year.
The silver ones come up for sale more often than you think, actually. Indeed, the black ones are the tough ones to find. I’ve got feelers out but no luck to far. 

..E is for power stand-by power saving {go green} as to sell to other markets ..there is no difference in the non e ,,same driver board output stage ..Krell was not going to reinvent   the wheel after production. ..