Review: Creek Evolution 100A Amplifier

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My Creek 5350se needs a bit of work. It's going to be reconditioned but will take awhile (likely 8-10 weeks).

I hooked up an old receiver from college to my Totem Arros and after 2 weeks of pulling my hair out from the sound, broke down and bought a new integrated.

I was thinking of buying McIntosh, Naim Supernait, Simaudio, Musical Fidelity, and Rega. I just drove over to Music Direct in Chicago and bought the Creek Evolution 100a.

I'm so happy with the unit. My Creek 5350se was hard to beat when I'd demo stuff. I've had it and cared for for years. I know it's sound well and I know that I can say the Creek Evolution 100a is better.

Gobs of power to drive my thirsty 4-6ohm Totems.
It sounds open, a bit polite--not too much--and ever-so-smooooth.
It's well constructed and I love the A and B speaker outs, balance control, tone, etc.
I love that I can buy a plug in DAC (Ruby DAC) that includes a tuner, effectively making it a receiver.

I'm very happy. I don't feel it's just a bit better than the 5350. It's a material upgrade. But, I'd be perfectly happy as a clam with the 5350 forever. So, I'm going to fix it up and either put it in my guitar space in the basement or sell it or give it to someone who loves music.

I'm not so fond of the new Creek remote. It's got many buttons and not as minimalistic as the ARC-53 that came with the 5350.

If you're on the fence about the Creek Evolution 100a or looking to demo integrates around the $2k mark, give it a run.

Associated gear
Totem Arro loudspeakers
Apple Airport (internal Apple DAC)
That's it. :)

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I have a 100A also with the phono board and Ambit tuner modules installed.  The amp sounds as described above, a bit polite and smooth and seems to have plenty of power.  I love the tuner module and listen to over the air FM analog radio alot, it sounds very natural and uncompressed.  I highly recommend the tuner module!

where did you send your Creek to be re-conditioned?
Tim Schwartz at Bristol Electronincs in New Jersey. Pm me if you want his contact. He was fantastic!