Krell Evo One vs Evo 600e/900e

I’m curious what are the differences especially in clearity, bass definition & depth, 3D and presence. Newer is better?

I haven’t found direct comparison between them. Any personal experience would be welcome.
No personal experience- sorry.  But FWIW, if PassLabs has an XA-200.8 amplifier that is STILL not the equal of the XS-150 (with "less power"),
one can only assume that the BIG difference between the two is the outboard power supply unit with the XS line.  So the Krell EVO-1 would theoretically have the same advantages- the better circuit design, and a further separation amongst noise-producing elements.  Still, you would probably need one heck of a pair of speakers as well as the other components to fully appreciate the difference.
    I once owned a Krell FPB-300 (stereo 300w/ch) which did not get the same accolades as the FPB-600 (twice the power but essentially the exact same amplifier) as to sound quality.  This however did not concern me in the least- the magazine review(er) was blowing hot air as far as i was concerned.  He couldn't explain this "difference" in any detail, and
anything more than 200W/CH is already overkill for all but the most inefficient speaker systems. 
Must have been the nutty writer Martin Coloms.
Have tried Evo 600 and 900 but now I am using Evo One with Evo Two for Wilson Alexia. Evo One is far better amp than Evo 600 or 900. Totally different. Impossible to compare.
dantechoi, do you have any experience comparing the Evo One to the Evo 600e by chance, and if so what are your impressions?
I bought Evo 600s. After speaking with Krell the consensus is the Evo 600/900 have a superior sonic signature, higher output and great power reserves over the Evo one. The Evo one does sound great and looks amazing but the 600 took the cake!