Krell Digital Vanguard

Anyone have any experiences with the Krell Digital Vanguard? Looking at getting one.
Just picked up the standard Vanguard.  Wow!  Amazing bass, control, openness, clean sound.  For what you can pick one up for now, it is an incredible buy.  I also have a s300i and I think that is one of the best deals in audio for under $1500 used.
Very Cool, Congrats! I was a Parasound guy for years and years. This amp puts them to shame. I'm driving some Vandersteen 2CE's and at one point I was thinking of selling them and getting the new Buchhardt S400's now I'm rethinking the whole thing. I've fallen in love with the Vandys again because of the Krell. What have I been missing all these years. Also invested in a Shunyata Delta NR power cord and that is definitely a worthwhile purchase. Really adds air to the Krell.
Happy listening!
Those Vandy's are so easy to drive and sound great with so many inexpensive amps. It's why they are still sold after all these years.  Upgrades to all the components over time, but such a great value still.  They will scale. Have heard them with 30k worth of AR gear and I was shocked at what I heard. lol....  
Has anyone changed out their fuses on the Krell? It’s on the inside of the amp and not sure I want to open her up.
Fuse changes aren't always going to help the sound.  I've heard fuse changes on a few amps and pre amps with varying results.  YMMV
Hi audiosaurusrex, which Parasound amp were you using with your Vandies?
Hi jetter,
I had a few set ups. I was using the HCA 1500II for the Vandys and then I got a pair of Aerial Acoustic 10Ts with the HCA 2205 biamped.
While both amps were revealing the recent purchase of the Krell (used) was eye-opening. I wound up selling the 10T’s but always held on to the Vandys and just love them more and more and they were I believe the 2nd version with upgraded silk dome tweeter. Not the more recent signature model. Have since sold all my paramount gear and trying to sell my AVC1500 and CDC1500 on eBay presently
Thanks, I discovered that the amp might not even have fuses or may be inside and I don’t want to mess with that. I do love the sound of the amp. This constant tweaking can after a while be distracting from just enjoying the sonic quality of ones system. I am however looking at some new speaker cables. Not sure between Silnote Anniversary and Shunyata Deltas. I appreciate you pointing that out though
Hi audiosaurusrex, thanks for the response, appreciated.
audiosaurusrex, if you are using the Vandys, get the best Audioquest cable you can afford.  Richard voices his speakers with them and most of us use them with any of his speakers.  just very neutral cables.  I've been thinking about selling my Castle Rocks to move up in the line, but they are so darn good still, that I've held off.  feel free to PM me with any questions.
ctsooner- Yes love my old 2ces still. I’m still using my original Taralabs RSC Prime 15ft but don’t need that length trying to do my homework on the right speaker cable to get. Was thinking about Shunyata Delta which were recommended by Cable Co. Or the Silnote Anniversaries. But I remember someone mentioning the Audioquest with the DBS packs. Don’t know anything about that. Really wondered about Audioquest in general. I have their Sydney interconnects and I think they’re okay. I do need them BiWired so I’m trying to figure this out. Appreciate your insight!