KR Audio VA350 vs NAT Single GM70

Two manufactures from Eastern Europe:
KR Audio- Czech Republic
NAT- Serbia

and two integrated tube SE amps :
KR Audio VA 350 ( its hybrid with transistor preamp section )
NAT Single GM70

Does anybody has experience with this two amps and can compare them , which one is better overall, How about low bass impact and control( Its often weakness of SET amps ) ?
This is a fascinating compare.  

I have heard KR amps including the VA350.  Well designed and they deliver a huge soundstage.   I have never heard the NAT but the GM70 is sort of an ultimate 845.  

What speakers are you driving?  How much power do you really need?
I am looking for amplifier to JBL Array 1000
Recomended amplifier from 10 to 200watt, impedance 8ohm, sensitivity 89dB, so its looks like easy load
They are. Do you like turning it up to 11?

I wouldn’t go as low as 10w but anything north of 15w will give you 97dB of max volume 10’ from the speaker in a normal room. 30w, will deliver 100dB of volume. if you like it really loud, then the NAT is the way to go.

if you are looking for more nuance. KR Tubes delivers a level of Nuance and detail that is spectacular. I sell KR tubes as upgrades for my amps and they are as good as you would hope at the prices they charge.

I have access to KR Amps given my relationship on tubes and like I said, they are great. If 100dB is enough output for you, then it comes down to sound profile. You will not be disappointed in a KR Amp. I can’t say if it is better or worse than the NAT but KRs are better than most and are worth the price.

Both of these tubes are great at delivering a big soundstage without a particular emphasis on any one frequency range. They won’t deliver that lush midrange that a lot of lower powered amps are known for.

Have you listened to this type of tube vs say a 300B XLS or a 520B? They deliver a bit more power than a straight 300B but have the lush midrange that some many kwant when you think of lower powered amps.