Cambridge AZURE 840C Balanced vs. Single Ended

I have owned the Cambridge for about a year now and am using the SE outputs with a pair of Kimber KS1021's. I have never tried the Balanced outputs as I do not have balanced cables or a dealer in town to try some out (I wish to try before I buy). My question is to those who own this player and had the opportunity to try both outputs and which came out on top. My integrated amp is a Krell KAV 400xi that will accept a balanced input. Thanks!
I have AZUR 840C I run with balanced. I have used RCA but like the Balance better,I feel the base and sound stage is better with balanced,hope this helps just my opinion.
Topperstopper, thanks, I hope to receive more feedback. What cables are you using? Though I'm connected with the Kimber KS, a good IC in my opinion, I would not know where to start with a balanced IC. I read a review when the Cambridge first came out and the reviewer found the SE was as good as the Balanced and continued his review and measurements with SE. So, again, what balanced cables might you or anyone reading this might recommend? Thanks!
I use balanced outputs on the 840C. I have Transparent ML Super (mm1) from 840C to my balanced pre-amp and Transparent ML Super (xl) from pre-amp to amp. I listen to mostly rock genre. Moving from SE to balanced then to more expensive balanced, I have noticed better articulation; less piercing upper frequencies; and vocals being more forward and not getting muddled in the mix. Again, I'm talking rock recordings.

Now, I will say when doing side by side listening on my system between SE and my first balanced IC, I didn't observe drastic differences, it was more nuance. My percpeptions, as I stated them above, took longer to solidify.

I seem to remember reading an antithesis comment in an audiophile publication about the 840C. It might have been Robert Harley's comment from TAS. This person (Harley?)said the 840C is best using the balanced output.

Anyway, good question. Good luck.
Just get some inexpensive XLR cables and try it out. I recommend cables.