Kind of Blue SACD question?

I'm wondering if my "Kind of Blue" SACD is defective and would appreciate it if someone who knows this SACD would advise me. The issue is that I have to crank my amp, I mean really crank it, relative to every other CD/SACD that I own in order to listen to it at my preferred volume. I'll appreciate anyone sharing their experience with this SACD
Hmm, mine seems to be in line, volume wise with the rest of my SACD's.
Mine sounds that way too, Phaelon. Do you have the two-channel or multichannel version? Mine is the latter. Dave
Dave, Mine is multichannel too. I wasn't aware that there is a two channel SACD. Rcrerar, do you have the two channel version?
I have noticed this on several SACDs and CDs - nothing unusual. For example I have to crank up my volume at least 2 notches up on the Blue Trane SACD from Analogue Productions. Similarly on the Eagles (2 CD pack), I have to go down 1 notch. It all depends on the recording process.
Mine is the multi-channel version. I put it on last night, as I haven't listened to it recently, and while I found that I had to turn the volume up a little bit to match most of my other SACD's, I certainly didn't have to crank it way up that's for sure.
My volume control's range is from 7 o'clock to 5 'oclock. I know that volume isn't always linear but for normal listening my useable range if from 9 to 11, 12 if I'm pissed at the neighbors. I play this SACD at around 3 o'clock. At this level there is too much noise coming from the SACD relative to the music content.
Phaelon, I had that kind of problem too. It mostly went away when I switched SACD players (currently an Oppo BPD-83 SE). When I had my former player, a Sony, I was absolutely convinced that KOB and certain other SACDs were defective because their volume levels had to be cranked so much. Another that displayed this problem is the McCoy Tyner "New York Reunion" on Chesky. But with the Oppo, both it and KOB sound fine, albeit somewhat lower than average in gain. Good luck, Dave
Alright, maybe we're getting somewhere. I have a Modwright Sony. But can anyone explain to me how a CDP can selectively choose certain SACDs to do this to.