KEF Speaker recone vs replacement


I have a old KEF speaker and one of the woofer has developed a buzzing sound. A light tap on it will generate a rubbing noise to the voice coil. KEF still sell the replacement driver and it is twice more expensive than recone. Does anyone has any experience with recone and if it will restore the original sound quality? I hope to hear from someone who has did the recone before and about your opinion on the sound quality. Thanks.
I would give Speakerex a call. They can repair just about any driver you can name, and sell surround kits for them as well.

I reconed my Tannoy HPD 315 drivers, it was not that difficult.

Good luck,
I spoke to Thomas here about KEF speaker re-coning and replacement some years ago. Nice knowledgable guy.

Sound Ideas
3215 NW 13th St
Gainesville, FL 32609
352-378-0192 ext #311 or ext #310
or ask for Thomas
Miller Sound in PA speak to Bill LeGall
He is an expert
Sound Ideas is the only site that KEF recommends