Keep SACD Petition link

Searches don't find this petition on Audiogon so I thought I would supply the link. Don't know if it will have any sway but it can't hurt. Found it at the Steve Hoffman Forums.
Thank you.
I just signed up and think all audiogoners should.

I agree SACD is very good.
I'm waiting to see how the new 24-bit, 192K sampled HD multi-channel standards play out.

Probably won't sound too bad...
It is difficult for me to imagine that this petition -- or any petition of this sort -- is going to make a real impression on the record labels. If people had bought SACDs (or DVD-As or whatever), the record companies would have made more and more of 'em. But folks have largely ignored the newer formats, and the labels have listened to the attendant hush from the market. It's doubtful that a petition, even if a squillion people sign it, is going to change anything.
Hodu, don't give up yet. Sony just announced 3 new SACD car stereo players, which I feel is bound to get some regular folks attention. In addition, Chesky Records has gone to SACD releases only, no more redbook CD's from them.

I would encourage everyone here to sign the petition.
Thanks for the information, Merganser, I did not know that. It most assuredly would be nice if SACD caught on -- finally. And here I was, busy being a downer.